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There are only 5 kids and it’s a foster home, not an orphanage. After re-reading those notes, I’m beginning to doubt my opening words about how poor this film wasn’t. While nobody can compare to Carol Burnett's orphanage matron in the 1982 film, the performances by Diaz, Wallis, and Foxx prove that a 21st century Annie can have plenty of its own charms. Copyright Not Intended For entertainment purposes only I don't own this song Sung by Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis Soundtrack album tracklist: 1. She sings ok, but there’s absolutely no projection. Remember them, they’re your raison d’être? The soundtrack for 2014's film adaptation dusts off the musical's 1976 songbook -- which was itself inspired by the sounds of Great Depression-era pop as a nod to its comic strip origins -- in a few ways. How’d they go so wrong? Every other version of the story made sure that it was known that her parents died some way or another so it wouldn’t be weird that she’s willing to be adopted after protesting for the entire story…. Kid is cute enough, but she has no voice at all. But it does try some new things by updating the story, a few of which even work. It was always a period piece. The soundtrack's executive producer was Greg Kurstin, who also collaborated with Sia to create new arrangements for three songs from the original Broadway production of Annie: "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here", "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" and "Little Girls". The whole picture has good musical and rhythmic flourishes, which is entirely appropriate. Additionally, Sia and Kurstin wrote three new songs for the soundtrack, includi…

I generally don’t take notes when watching a film for the first time, believing that I’m not devoting my full attention to the picture. “Keep singing and dancing like that, there’s no way he was ever gonna win.”, Let’s hear it for lowered expectations. 5 liked songs • 245.6k views • composed by Greg Kurston, Quvenzhané Wallis, Rose Byrne & Stephanie Kurtzuba, Quvenzhané Wallis, Zoe Margaret Colletti, Nicolette Pierini, Eden Duncan-Smith & Amanda Troya, Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz & Quvenzhané Wallis, Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané Wallis & Rose Byrne, I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here (2014 Film Version), You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile (2014 Film Version), I Don't Need Anything But You (2014 Film Version). Really imaginative and well executed. Listen to and download the music, ost, score, list of songs and trailers. And the original film version is hardly without warts. Tomorrow – Quvenzhané Wallis 5. You can edit your menu content on the Menus screen in the Appearance section. Soundtrack Credits . They could have spliced in scenes from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and you’d never have noticed. Works better than the original story, actually…, “I Think I’m Going to Like it Here” – first song totally off-book – big mistake, Man, every Sony movie looks like a glossly, brightly-lit commercial. [4], Vulture's Lindsey Weber called Sia's "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" "different" and wrote, "If you push the original deep into the back of your brain, her modern-day pop-ified version seems to work. [2][3], "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile" by Sia was released as the lead single on October 22, 2014. See? It’s The Hard-Knock Life – Quvenzhané Wallis, Zoe Margaret Colletti, Nicolette Pierini, Eden Duncan-Smith & Amanda Troya 4. Cameron Diaz gets a star turn as the shady Miss Hannigan on "Little Girls." Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Under the glow of the very bright lights I turn my face towards the warm night skies And I am not afraid of a thousand eyes When they're above five hundred smiles Oh I used to think What wouldn't I give For a moment like, this This moment, this gift! C&C Music Factory? Originally these were only 140-character reviews, and I still start off each review with a #140RVW version. [citation needed], "Opportunity" by Sia was released as the second single. The City’s Yours – Jamie Foxx & Quvenzhané Wallis 10. Well, not so much bass anymore. After everyone, including my daughter, panned it, I couldn’t help but like this more than assumed…, Here’s the quick version: Annie is a completely unnecessary re-imagining of a story you’ve seen a dozen different times that contains little of the characteristics of the more enjoyable tellings. I’m not sure they didn’t…, Cameron Diaz is so miscast. Annie is a soundtrack to the 2014 film of the same name, released by Roc Nation, Overbrook Entertainment, Madison Gate Records and RCA Records on November 17, 2014. I Don’t Need Anything But You (2014 Film Version) – Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané Wallis & Rose Byrne 14. Oh, she’s a failed star who was in a band before they broke? Trust me, I’m doing Annie a solid…, (http://therepresentationproject.org/grading-hollywood-the-representation-test/), April 27, 2015Filed Under: #WWMD, Movies, Reviews Tagged With: 2014, …now bass solo. It was never likely to touch that version and to many audiences was DOA for trying. Also less frequent reviews of books & music, and basically lots of pompous opinions you didn’t ask for…, (http://therepresentationproject.org/grading-hollywood-the-representation-test/. The soundtrack's executive producer was Greg Kurstin, who also collaborated with Sia to create new arrangements for three songs from the original Broadway production of Annie: "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here", "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" and "Little Girls". allows Jamie Foxx to show off his singing chops as a soul-searching Daddy Warbucks. For starters, while I truly loathe the Hollywood project to remake every single earlier film, bear in mind that the seminal 1982 film was already an adaptation of a Broadway musical, itself an adaptation of an old comic serial. Easy Street (2014 Film Version) – Cameron Diaz & Bobby Cannavale 12. Who Am I?

The analogue to this thought is the beloved status of the 1982 John Huston film version. I can’t believe they let her sing…, Wow – they even rewrote the song (“Little Girls”) – not that I liked the original, but this whole updating of the character and backstory is so absurd. Annie Soundtrack List (2014) Complete tracklist, all songs played in the movie and in the trailer, who sings them, soundtrack details and the entire music playlist of the album. I actually don’t mind the updating of the songs, honestly.

The film goes downhill and fast; despite a strong start and competent early going, the last half-hour is awful, leaving audiences exiting the theater with the feeling they saw a worse film then they actually did. End Credits (2nd track), Annie sings and dances with Grace at Mr.Stacks' house, On the helicopter checking on radio towers, Annie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Cast. It officially impacted Hot/Modern/AC radio on January 19, 2015. B-I-N-G-O Traditional . Thankfully they didn’t mess with it too much here. Elsewhere, Sia and collaborators including Greg Kurstin and Will Gluck contribute new songs that provide new perspectives on the struggles Annie and the rest of the characters endure to find happiness. Let’s hear it for lowered expectations. I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here (2014 Film Version) – Quvenzhané Wallis, Rose Byrne & Stephanie Kurtzuba 6. But if they can create modern-day versions of every other stage production, I don’t know if it’s for me to be critical of a desire to reset the tale in a new time. Mercifully, it’s run out of film before they got themselves into even more trouble. Opportunity – Quvenzhané Wallis 11. You’re out of your depth, son…wait, Diaz is back singing again – he looks and sounds better already…, Rooster is my favorite character in the whole story –, Diaz gets a second song? Ms. Hannigan doesn’t need a backstory…. I was mostly enjoying it, due the power of low expectations. Really? When you make a film out of a Broadway show it should seem more epic, not less. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here (2014 Film Version), You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile [2014 Film Version], Moonquake Lake [for the 2014 film "Annie"], The City's Yours [for the 2014 film "Annie"], I Don't Need Anything But You [for the 2014 film "Annie"], Opportunity [for the 2014 film "Annie"] [Sia Version].

At the end of the 1st movie. Have a look below to see the official soundtrack list for the 2014 comedy movie, Annie, including name of the songs played in trailers and movie.

But this is going downhill fast…, The last tune is like the first tune from the musical they’ve done in like a half an hour.

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You’re giving up on your parents there, kid. "Opportunity" is a showcase for Quvenzhané Wallis, who charmed in Beasts of the Southern Wild and gives us a winning Annie who sounds like a real little girl instead of a Broadway belter; "Who Am I?" Shame on me for pre-judging. I attribute the majority of the bad reviews and reception to two main points: This factor worked to my personal benefit, as I expected nothing and couldn’t help but be pleased with a film that failed to be truly terrible. “It never should have been made.” Some people are so weary of reboots and re-imaginings that it would never have gotten a fair shake. I’d like to point out, however, that the majority of my comments were positive and I ended up with a favorable review of the picture, so I feel that I made up for my initial read by being particularly attentive.

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