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antelope audio

See the entire collection of analog-modeled plugins developed by Antelope Audio and any 3rd party effects like Auto-Tune Synergy and Instinct Synergy. Antelope Audio Microphones & Wireless Systems (11), Antelope Audio Galaxy 64 Synergy Core USB-C Audio Interface, Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core Audio Interface, Antelope Audio Satori W/R4S HI End Monitoring Controller, Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity HD Master Clock, Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core Audio Interface. Hybrid Mixing Sessions at “The Friary Studios” (Video Series), New Look and Features for the Zen Tour Synergy Core Control Panel, Make Studio-Quality Music at Home with Antelope Audio Interfaces, Wehbba Talks DJing, Production Process & How Goliath HD | Gen 3 Fits In, Niko Klau Presents the New Zen Tour Synergy Core (German), Fine-tune your Vocals with Antares Auto-Tune Synergy, The Dreamcatcher – A Zen Tour Synergy Core Short Film, 2 New Equalizer Plugins for Synergy Core Interfaces. Add to this the comprehensive support documentation featured on our website and you can figure out what Antelope stands for. Please choose from the list to see the library of each device. Our 20 years in the industry brought us to the development of our 4th generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management algorithm, responsible for our flawless clocking. This high-quality dual-capsule large-diaphragm condenser microphone captures vocals and instruments with pristine clarity, depth and detail, making it the perfect starting point for emulating a plethora of timeless studio microphones. Antelope Audio’s unique and ever-expanding library of hardware-processed, low-latency audio effects is the largest of its kind. Antelope was founded to take audio recording to the next level, providing digital technology that transcends all expectations. new destination. Antelope’s tech support crew is composed of sound engineers, musicians, DJ’s, programmers, so there is no question left unanswered. Tone Shaping, Dynamics ProcessorsFeed-Forward Compressor, Dynamics ProcessorsVCA Compressor / Expander / HPF & LPF, Dynamics ProcessorsTube Optical Compressor / Limiter, Dynamics ProcessorsStereo Knee Compressor/Limiter, Dynamics ProcessorsVari-Mu Tube Compressor/Limiter, Dynamics ProcessorsTube Compressor/Limiting Amplifier, Dynamics ProcessorsVari-Mu Tube Compressor, Dynamics ProcessorsFET Compressor/Stereo Peak Limiter, Dynamics ProcessorsTube Leveling Amplifier/Limiter, Dynamics ProcessorsVari-Mu Tube Compressor Amplifier, Dynamics ProcessorsStereo Vari-Mu Tube Compressor, Dynamics ProcessorsVCA Compressor/Limiter, Dynamics ProcessorsFET Compressor / Limiting Amplifier, Equalizers10-Band Graphic Console Equalizer, Preamps & Channel StripsGermanium Mic Preamp, Preamps & Channel StripsDual Tube Mic Preamp with HPF.

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