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ball python weight female

A wide variety of color morphs have been developed from the wild-type. Despite their tendency to climb, most keepers have had the best success with a horizontally oriented tank, rather than a vertical arrangement. For temperature measurement, a digital laser thermometer is a worthwhile investment. The rest is explained here. Because the humidity level throughout even large habitats will be more consistent than temperature gradients, an hygrometer attached to the side of the enclosure will take the guess work out of managing humidity.

If you must be away for the day and it looks like your guy/gal is beginning to shed, you can supply a second source of water, such as a second bowl or damp sphagnum moss. One difference between the two genders is that female ball pythons, on average, physically grow to be larger than male ball pythons. I have worked directly with a variety of species since 2014, and ReptiFiles is where I share my research with you. Most respiratory problems are also rooted in poor husbandry.

My name is Mariah Healey, reptile husbandry specialist and consultant.

Feeding … Please first click 'Inquire' to notify the seller and give them several days to correct the matter before you report it. Their poop should be a light brown color, and should not be watery. It is a good idea to switch to rats as soon … Over the course of the next few years, she could double that, although many females stay around 1500 grams, growing only very slowly after age 3.

They have an in-house biologist who monitors the health of each snake. After that they will graduate to fuzzies, and then hoppers. Others claim that this is nonsense and that a rich environment and positive interaction with a human handler should provide sufficient stimulation. If the rod goes further, it’s male (the extra distance suggests the presence of hemipenes). As your snake gets older, he/she will not need to be fed quite as often.

For example, blister disease is associated with damp, filthy environments and effects the bottom most scales, the scutes, that are in constant contact with the filth. Proper feeding and sanitation can help prevent most common ball python diseases. For less than $20, a new keeper can take readings from all over the habitat with the push of a button. That is, prey should be no wider than the widest part of the snake's body. Females usually reach maturity in 2 years, but males only need 1.5 years.

Observe your snake the entire time that a live prey animal is inside the habitat. Most beginners’ tanks will have a glass bottom. These snakes have been selectively bred for decades for their color variations, called ‘morphs’. And you can read our comprehensive guide on ball python poop if you'd like to learn more. MorphMarket currently has 23908 Ball Pythons for sale listed by 1758 Ball Python … Both males and females reach sexual maturity at difference ages.

It’s important to take readings at the surface of the bottom of the warm side, the cooler side, and any basking areas. You may choose to feed dead prey instead of live. What is ReptiFiles®? The advantages of pre-killed, frozen dinners over live chow are: Sometimes dinner bites back. Some are more labor intensive than others, but it is up to the individual keeper’s preferences and life style. Otherwise, you can try what some reptile keepers do and bake the wood at 250 degrees F for 2 hours to sanitize. If using supplemental heat beneath a Tupperware or other plastic box, be sure to slip a hand towel over the heating element so it does not come into direct with the plastic. If you provide your snake with a basking branch beneath a heat lamp, he/she is likely to use that branch as a launch pad. If the rod inserts only a short distance into the vent (toward the tail), the snake is female.

More details on offering the best ball python substrate can be found here. Brumation is more or less the equivalent to hibernation in mammals. Depends on how old he/she is. There are other key indicators to watch for.
I find it amazing to learn that ball pythons are reptiles that enjoy physical contact! These snakes are good for beginners as they are relatively docile and respond quickly to gentle and consistent handling. Ball python’s weight will depend on many factors. Ball pythons are the most popular pet snake in America. The size of the prey you choose will depend on whether or not the snake can both swallow and digest it. Scam: You have good evidence to think this is a Scam (see our, For example: they are using someone else's pictures, Spam: The image or content is inappropriate, For example: very unhealthy animals, noting this is somewhat subjective and can be difficult for us to assess. This is yet another reason why temperature monitoring regularly is really quite important. If a ball python is in the wild, it can take up to 4 to 5 years for it to reach its full size. And they closely follow our guide on breeding ball pythons, and how to care for ball python eggs, to ensure their ball pythons are healthy and free from genetic deformities. Adult mice and rats are only suitable for snakes over 4 feet long. However, 5 is the most common amount of eggs. Douglas Mader, DVM states that “If a reptile is not housed at its POTZ (preferred optimal temperature zone) it can become stressed. As with most pets, this happens unintentionally, often being mistaken for healthy growth and/or weight gain. It doesn’t affect her health but she is discounted to $350 because of this imperfection. Reptile health information given on this site is not intended to act as or replace the advice of a certified veterinary professional. A female needs to weigh about 1500 grams.

But CB Reptile is one of the best ball python breeders we've experienced. There's much more to breeding ball pythons, and our guide can answer the technical questions you're seeking. Female ball pythons are generally measured by their weight. A Tupperware box with tight fitting lid, a thick rumpled terry cloth towel in the bottom, and a warm location (or you can but the box right next to the aquarium/vivarium, remove the undertank pad from the underneath the primary habitat and slip it under the secondary holding container) are all that is needed. Females usually reach maturity in 2 years, but males only need 1.5 years. A very young snake can only manage pinkies for quite a few months.

Care and handling of this species should take this into account. Do not use bleach stronger than a 10% solution and do not place your snake back inside without wiping down all damp areas after it has soaked in bleach for ½ hour. You can disable the usage of cookies by changing the settings of your browser.

Dates of the monthly weigh in vary~ I try to weigh at about mid-month and at least 4 days after a feeding. If you're curious about owning a ball python, or have questions about the one you already own, you can share them on our Ball Python forum. Aromatic woods such as pine and cedar should be avoided as they can cause lung and eye irritation. We recommend being extremely cautious when buying from new sellers. Then when the strike and squeeze has occurred, leave your snake in peace for at least 24 hours. These snakes need room to move, but not too much, as this can make them feel insecure. Dishwasher safe hides and bowls are the easiest by far. Snakes can and will choose to rest in an area that ends up being too hot for their safety. If you do decide on cork wood as an attractive and snake friendly hide, I would replace it every year. Speaking of temperature gradient, a cold environment will encourage brumation. A successful keeper never assumes that once temperature and humidity provisions seem optimal, they will always stay that way. Respiratory infections can be lingering and often fatal, so prevention is the best cure. I have a young healthy female ball python that seems to be having issues with gaining weight - at least in comparison to my other two ball pythons. An average humidity of 50% should work, unless your snake is starting to shed, then 60-65% is better.

You will need to dangle the item in front of the snake (dancing it around the habitat is what some keepers do with picky eaters who don’t strike right away).

Use tongs or hemostats to dangle the prey and "dance" it around the cage to make it appear alive and entice the snake to strike at it. The terms mentioned above refer to feeder mice, rats have their own designations. Remember to thaw it completely in the refrigerator and warm it to slightly above room temperature before feeding it to your snake. Our in-house zoologist moderates all posts and can help answer any questions you have. I agree Please provide additional details so we can answer your question quickly.

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