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boomslang harry potter

And only a hundredth of the resentment is on my own behalf. "I'm not one of those who says it was better when it was all carpe jugulum in dies, but didn't you know it was going to be like that, when you played?". Filius asked in a reasonable voice. "Only because you understand my point now, though, am I right?" Not everyone looked as incredulous as Minerva was furious, but no one quite matched Albus's expression of quizzical curiosity with the judgment reserved, either. The Boomerang Effect: an attempt at persuasion had the effect opposite from what was intended. "…Was there a lot of that?" Severus craned around Poppy to shout reproachfully after them.

"You can hardly say that a player's been nobbled because they've fallen ill, Severus. My students know damn well they're for it if they start trouble, and they don't! "No," Severus said, crinkling eyes a glaring mismatch with his very pained and disapproving mouth, "but I am suddenly curious whether the yes-everyone-caught-your-terrible-croissant-pun would boomerang were I to throw one at you. "Don't you?". "You can't do it?" These things happen, in Quidditch—no, close your mouth, you'll catch flies. "They mean the children know you care about them, dear," said Poppy, "and they want to bring home lion-skins for you. These things aren't whimsical little accidents, and they're not pranks, and behaving as if they are is obscene. No blends.". "Foil your Foes with the Very Latest in Disarming Spells, Revenge Hexes, and Much, Much, More! It wasn't just jelly-fingers and pepper breath, either, there was an ear-shriveller and a flagrante and a conjunctivitis—and one I thought was one of yours, till I was able to mend the cut without calling you or Filius in for an incantation. Poppy chided when she'd gone.

So: will forever make its cut every time, was what I meant. "You know," he waved a hand vaguely, "they just sort of come. ", They looked at him with universal expressions of polite incredulity, and then Severus realized, "He wasn't at breakfast.". "No one will be distracted!" You have to make a successful Swelling Solution before it and. I still don't want to know!". "How do you do it, Holmes? The Boomslang Effect: a Slytherin faced with a problem has heard of both these things. He shrugged. Warnings: approximately canon-typical levels of offscreen violence, academic and House politics. She said, "Yes. And also is a bit evil (duh). Or are we supposed to treat everyone exactly the same now? As if his wretched boyfriend hadn't paid me to help and not kill him in the first place. Minerva asked, cup of tea halfway to her lips. Aiming his face in Poppy's general direction, his deep voice trembling almost inaudibly and his eyes fixed on a corner of the ceiling as though it was fascinating, he mused, "I thought about putting the hexbreaking spells in the back for the ones where a finite won't do it, but then I thought if they muck those up it'd make extra work for you, which of course is the opposite of the idea. "She would have been on the pitch in two days and it took place on the Astronomy tower stairs, where she was sure to be hurt if she fell and there are no portraits to tattle," Severus said, very quietly. "Talk sense," Severus instructed him witheringly.

"And in brief—". "On that subject, how are those inventories coming?" "Exactly!"

", He took a breath and let it out slowly, but clearly wasn't done. Poppy prodded him, not unsympathetically. And Gryff-centric," he added as an afterthought. "Practically any tool can be used to incapacitate or misused to do harm; why bother?". Filius had to ask, because it was clearly an accusation, not a correction. ", "All afternoon, if necessary," added Filius cheerfully. Skin of Boomslang on the Harry Potter … "Flying platters," Severus elaborated glumly.

"Those of my classmates who were out of control were out of control because they were not controlled! I make good money off that spell in the summers. "'Potion' generally implies more complexity than 'make an infusion,' this century at least.".

Now you're awake enough to get to know them rather than arching over them collectively and hissing like a rabid, overprotective vixen, she didn't add. He started, so choked he sounded as if he had sand in his throat, "I have obliviated every surviving—", "I was able to mend it," she repeated, slowly and clearly. ", "Very sensible," Filius agreed gravely. "Fertile Crescent, isn't it?" "Of course I can do it," Severus said calmly, and sipped his coffee. Follow/Fav The Boomslang Effect.

"And they fight for themselves instead of sending lionesses to do it for them," Filius said, with a gallant little bow in Minerva's direction. "Her family's considering Salem and Walkabout." Poppy patted his knee again, and pointed out, "You're not helping your case, dear." ", "And you'll none of you be missed," Severus growled. "It's too mean." She will be back with us next term, Severus?". Up efficiency.". Poppy exclaimed, shocked and upset. The clemency may be temporary and/or in exchange for the aid, but regardless, I resent it. I'm going to stop talking now, because honestly, you don't want to know. "It is your responsibility, and most of it still would be even if it were only a matter of being your job. He thought for a moment, and repeated, with emphasis, "Not like that. You're both giving her and her students a pass, at least in front of me, for what they do to mine regularly. "I hate everybody," Severus informed the chandelier.

"Five minutes is a long time, with wands out. "That'll do, then," Severus decided clinically. "And then bicorned pegasi with rainbow wings will descend from the moon on bridges of sparkling fairy dust and convince Binns to re-work his lesson plans," Filius cooed, batting his eyes ridiculously, before Minerva could do more than take a breath to start snapping back with.

"Was that necessary?"

Filius asked eagerly, not just to change the subject but because, well, charmsmithing. He tapped his mouth with a knuckle, thoughtfully, and eventually said, "No, there is absolutely no method of tackling this head-on which would work in any way whatsoever and leave me still with real control of the House. And I've used it for post-CPR defibrillation.". the Hogwarts' faculty mascot is a cobra. "That's what you're working on, outside of the classwork, isn't it? By way of cutting straight to the logical conclusion of either a row with Minerva or arguing with him over the advisability of having one, Poppy briskly bopped him over the head with his crossword. "Q.E.D: now all present understand the principle, while punishment commensurate to the offense has been dispensed. They could very nearly see her shadow's tail lashing. His face was very bland, but to those of them who'd had him in classes since he was eleven (not thirteen), it was evident that he was desperately trying not to laugh.

He didn't exactly glare at Minerva, but his eyes had chilled. "That's not a designer hex," Severus told her, eyebrow raised, "it's just a switching spell. Filius asked reasonably. "The intention of the incantation was 'always cuts,'" Severus answered, looking a little embarrassed. "But I do think that, whether or not one has condescended to accept a job, once accepted one should do it. Knotgrass, Leeches, Lacewing flies, Horn of Bicorn, Boomslang skin, Piece of certain person Ingredients of Polyjuice Potion Break w. a Banshee, Guide to Household Pests, Holidays w. Everyone stared at him, and he gave them one of his deranged alligator grins and toasted them with his coffee. Especially Reputedly Unstable Authority With A Temper Who Comes Across Sweet As Sugar Quills. "…You sounded moderately less disturbing right until then," Minerva noted. Or the intentions of the original author…. There was a brief pause until everyone had remembered viridian was green and joined him in looking at Severus. "It's wasteful making something that can only be used to one purpose, that's all I'm saying, when practically everything that isn't meant to harm has at least two uses. He said, meeting her gaze calm and clear-eyed, "Yes. For travel, of course, but then why is the moon important? Minerva asked, fascinated. ", "What are we talking about?"

"Not for long," he purred, steepling his fingers smugly.

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