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chinese cobra hong kong

If you enjoyed this post please share with anyone you think might like to read about our adventures and feel free to leave a comment if you have thoughts or ideas on this or future posts. In primary monsoon season and rain forests, Naja atra inhabits clearings and riverbanks.

During a recent hike I was on my way home when I suddenly stopped short, somehow spotting the subtle difference between a blade of grass on the right, and a snake on the left. The specific epithet atra comes from the Latin term ater, which means "dark", "black", or "gloomy".[3].

A good place to get familiar with the different types is Hong Kong Ark, which has a Flicker page filled with photos of snakes, lizards, and turtles. The dorsal color of the Chinese cobra is usually brown, grey or black, with or without narrow, light transverse lines at irregular intervals which are especially prominent in juveniles.

“Worth It” photo exhibit by Paul S. – Thursday!

[11] Brown listed a venom yield of 184 mg (dry weight).

[5], This species is found in southeastern China (including the provinces of Sichuan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei, Zhejiang, and the Island province of Hainan), Hong Kong, northern Laos, northern Vietnam, and Taiwan, where it is much more common in the south.

[7] The dorsal color of the Chinese cobra is usually brown, grey or black,[5] with or without narrow, light transverse lines at irregular intervals which are especially prominent in juveniles. The species can be found anywhere from sea level all the way up to elevations of more than 2000 m (6561.68 ft) above sea level. [10], The Chinese cobra has a widely varied diet and it mainly preys on rodents, frogs, toads, and other snakes. [6], The Chinese cobra is a very alert, seldom cornered, but if confronted will raise its forebody and spread its hood and strike readily if necessary. It stayed poised and ready to take a plunge. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Culture & Cool from Asia's most dynamic city.

[11], The Chinese cobra is a highly venomous member of the true cobras (genus Naja).

The nostrils of this species are large and prominent. Also have twice come across long pieces of smelly snake skin — and bits of chopped up snake near a village!

"rice paddle head"). The throat area is clearly defined light which is usually with a pair of clearly defined lateral spots. "Zhoushan spectacled snake", i.e. The snake spooked me pretty good.

www.wildcreatureshongkong.info for ID and animal information, [6][12] Mating and egg-laying periods are very extended. The ones that are scary are the snakes that hold their ground and challenge you. "General Features of Chusan, with remarks on the Flora and Fauna of that Island", "Naja atra – General Details, Taxonomy and Biology, Venom, Clinical Effects, Treatment, First Aid, Antivenoms", "Crystallographic studies of snake venom proteins from Taiwan cobra (, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Chinese_cobra&oldid=975678471, Articles containing Sanskrit-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 August 2020, at 20:36. [10], Like other species of cobra, it is an oviparous snake. [4] The upper head is usually the same color as the tail and dorsal part of the body, while the sides of the head are lighter in colour.

In Taiwan there were 593 recorded cases of envenomation by the Chinese cobra from 1904-1938, of those 87 cases were fatal which is a 15% mortality rate. GENERAL EFFECTS: Nausea, headache vomiting, general pain, dizziness, diarrhoea, collapse and/or convulsions, potential paralysis, possible bradycardia, possible shock.

The Hong Kong Cobras were one of the first geared teams in Hong Kong.

Quite unusual as didn’t see any during a year of hiking last year. Its venom consists mainly of postsynaptic neurotoxins and cardiotoxins. Facebook pillow? [9] The specific epithet atra comes from the Latin term ater, which means "dark", "black", or "gloomy".[9]. [4] The antivenom is widely available and deaths are much rarer than they used to be. The Chinese cobra (Naja atra), also occasionally known as the Taiwan cobra, is a medium sized venomous snake species belonging to the family Elapidae and found throughout southern and southeastern China including Hong Kong and the island province of Hainan and several neighboring nations and islands. Higher population density is observed in the vicinity of human settlements, in secondary forests, and in rice paddy fields which are adjacent to forests.

[4][6] Untreated bite mortality rates can vary, but generally untreated mortality rates are not lower then 10%. The following systemic symptoms may also occur: chest discomfort, fever, sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, loss of voice, weak feeling in limbs, walking haltingly, general ache, lockjaw, and difficulty in breathing.
Page One Harbour City – bookstore of the future? Chinese cobra at Sha Kok Mei: Seriously nasty snake is best treated with respect and left alone 25 September 2018 rmedcalf 0 Seriously dangerous Chinese cobra seen in Sha Kok Mei carpark. Bamboo pit vipers very closely resemble the Greater Green snake, which isn’t aggressive or poisonous. [14] The distribution of the venom of the Chinese cobra has been studied in mice using a whole-animal radiographic technique. [9] In Taiwanese, the snake is known as pn̄g-sî-chhèng (飯匙倩/銃, lit. Certain species are more aggressive than others.

Chinese Cobra. Females habitually protect their eggs until they hatch, in which case the hatchlings are completely independent - hunting and fending for themselves. This medium-sized snake is usually 1.2 to 1.5 metres (3.9 to 4.9 ft) long, but they can grow to a maximum length of 2 metres (6.6 ft) though this is rare. There may be irregular or scattered crosslines of white to light gray along the upper body and a spectacle marking on the hood. For more information on each of these species mentioned in the article stop by the ‘All Snakes Page’ on www.HongKongSnakeID.com. The species has been observed mating in the mountains of the western Tonkin region of Vietnam, at elevations of 400 to 2000 m (1,300 to 6,600 ft) above sea level in the months of March through May. As with many cobras if the King Cobra thinks it can get away it will most likely flee, but if it feels cornered or that you could easily give chase it will hood up, rise off the ground and stare you down while hissing and intermittently striking at the air as a warning.

It is a species of particular medical importance as it is responsible for many snakebites wherever it occurs. [14] Although this is not a spitting cobra, some rare individuals (mostly specimens from Guizhou Province) are capable of ejecting venom towards a threat within a distance of 2 m (6.56 ft).
The king Cobra is t he world’s largest venomous snake…as you can see from the image below, the juvenile looks completely different to the adult. [11] It is active during both the day and night. 23-29 scale rows around hood (usually 25-27); 19-21 just ahead mid-body (usually 21); ventral scales 161-180 (usually 171 in males, 173 in females); subcaudal scales 37-51 pairs (usually 48 in males, 46 in females). Snakes, like this Chinese cobra, generally keep a low profile in Hong Kong. "rice spoon head"), ba̍k-kiàⁿ-chôa (目鏡蛇, lit. [9] It is active during both the day and night. The dorsal scales are smooth and glossy, while the dorsolateral scales are strongly oblique. [6][9] There is some variation in the colour of the ventral body and tail: it could be white to gray, dark gray mottled with white, or blackish. Adults can be very aggressive, but the younger tend to be more aggressive as they are more nervous to the things surrounding them. The head on this species is broad, slightly triangular in shape and is slightly distinct from the neck.

Besides cobras, another one to look out for are bamboo pit vipers, which are green colored with yellow and whitish bellies. [7][8] The generic name naja is a Latinisation of the Sanskrit word nāgá (नाग) meaning "cobra". (The one I ran into was a Chinese cobra!)

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