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Kamen Rider Den-O Since the age of Deneb is difficult to determine, I’m not going to provide an age comparison here. Vega Form (ベガフォーム, Bega Fōmu) is the form of New Den-O that first appears in The Onigashima Battleship.

Number of Episode Appearances:

Press this option to prompt Deneb into joining.

To compensate, should the player recruit her powered-up version, she will come with the game-breaking Nova, a single-target spell which kills the target without accounting for damage calculation. Season:

The Denebick Buster is the only form-specific weapon of Zeronos' arsenal, limited to Zero Form's use. Deneb estimated radius has been calculated as being 235.90 times bigger than the Sun.

Deneb (デネブ, Denebu) is an Imagin fully contracted to Yuto Sakurai and aids him as Kamen Rider Zeronos both in and outside battles. Deneb can talk through this form, but otherwise is unable to act on his own while transformed. He carries around a basket that contains hand-made candies that have wrappers that bear his face called "Deneb Candy" (デネブキャンディー, Denebu Kyandī), which are made from milk, honey, and sweet melon. It lies in the northern constellation Cygnus and, with Vega and Altair, forms the prominent “Summer Triangle.”. To recruit: 1. When Yuto returns and assumes Zero Form, Deneb is alongside him as the Denebick Buster, to which he finds to be a surprise.

But when the time does come, it turns out his adventure with Yuto created a time lag, allowing him to maintain his existence as he takes leave in the ZeroLiner, returning to aid the DenLiner crew during the events of "Final Countdown" before a fully healed Yuto joins it. Note that the location isn't fixed and will rotate with the days (see page for specific dates where to find it). Despite not appearing on-screen, Deneb's participation in the final battle is indicated by the appearance of ZeroLiner in the finishing attack. Aliases: Revisit Valparine (SNES) / Valparin (PSX). He was shown eating watermelon on a hot day, later wearing a disguise made from watermelon skin by biting. However, he has on one occasion called Kintaros "Kumataros" (クマタロス, Kumatarosu) and Urataros as "Kametaros" (カメタロス, Kametarosu).

In both his Imagin form and as Kamen Rider Zeronos (Vega Form), his suit actor is Yoshifumi Oshikawa (押川 善文, Oshikawa Yoshifumi). When the rebels defeated her army, Deneb flirted with Destin but acknowledged their romance could not be pursued under the current conditions. Series:

Hero Purchase over 99 items from her. Deneb, Hawk, Benkei, Karasu-Tengu, Vega Although Yuto treats him with occasional disrespect; Deneb chooses to stand by his side out of friendship and loyalty, knowing Yuto to be a kind person. Earth (Main Timeline Continuity) Deneb is also the only Imagin other than Ryutaros to call Momotaros by his actual name as opposed to a nickname. This, along with her recruitment quest, is very taxing, though it pays off: As a Wicce, Deneb can be considered the best spellcasting attacker in the game, with excellent stats, unique skills that increase her magic damage, great movepool and attacks that help her amass TP easier than other mages.

All her appearances give her an uniquely named variant of the Witch class. For now, just … "Altair" and "Vega" are also the names of the two forms that Zeronos can initially access. This star, at about 1,500 light-years’ distance, is the most remote (and brightest intrinsically) of the 20 apparently brightest stars. It has a series of cannons on its shoulders called the Zeronos Nova (ゼロノスノヴァ, Zeronosu Nova). In the northern hemisphere, Deneb is easy to spot as one of the vertices of the huge Summer Triangle asterism, the other two members of which are the bright stars Vega in Lyra and Altair in the constellations of Aquila.

Due to the fact he has a physical form in normal space-time, Deneb often appears in (poorly constructed) disguises in order to avoid standing out. While Yuto is negated from time momentarily, history is rewritten such that Deneb is contracted to Ryotaro, but is confined in the DenLiner like the Tarōs, during which he serves as the cook and takes Hana's position in keeping the Tarōs in line (with a noticeably more gentle approach).

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