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desert snakes

When alarmed, this snake will shake its tail, hiss, stike, and bite the offender. In most parts of the Sonoran Desert, the common kingsnake is a dark brown to blackish snake with narrow bands of yellow or white. This snake is named for the v-shaped lyre on its head. This snake specializes in feeding on small snakes, such as threadsnakes, and groundsnakes. The Mojave rattlesnake (Crotalus scutulatus) is a sizable species of snake that, as its name conveys, often resides in the Mojave Desert. It is distinguished by having vertical pupils and a pair of dark blotches directly behind the head. They will eat the following: Kangaroo rats Lizards like Mojave desert iguanas, western banded geckos, and banded rock lizards Carrion (i.e. It is a strong burrower, complete with a countersunk lower jaw to prevent sand from getting in its mouth. These solitary reptiles are not only common throughout the Mojave, but also in the Sonoran Desert. Glossy snakes usually are underground, out of human sight. The lizard-eating creatures frequent dry desert settings, but are also prevalent in flatlands, gravelly, rugged regions and sand dunes. Fully mature sidewinders grow roughly 30 inches long, and females are generally the bigger of the genders. PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | FAMILY & PARENTING, University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web: Crotalus cerastes, University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web: Pituophis catenifer, Idaho Museum of Natural History: Pituophis catenifer, Snakes That Look Like Rattlesnakes But Are Not.

Gopher Snake.
The coralsnake is small, slender, and venomous. Diet: Rodents, baby rabbits, birds (including eggs and nestlings) and occasionally lizards and insects. Prey may be killed by constriction, pressing it against a solid surface or swallowed alive. Like the coachwhip, food is swallowed live. These brownish-gray, olive or beige snakes are a common sight in elevated desert settings, although they are also prevalent in foothills and low valleys. The Western Diamondback is a snake you'll likely run into in the desert. Like many desert snakes, common kingsnakes are active in early morning and late afternoons duirng mild temperatures, but become chiefly nocturnal during the hot summer months. They are opportunistic feeders, but are well known for eating rattlesnakes. This small snake is one of the most efficient of "sandswimmers". The color and pattern of the long-nosed snake varies considerably, buth usually it is banded or blotched with red, black, and white. Arizona Black Rattlesnake(Crotalus cerus). Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox).

Diet: Lizards, small snakes, frogs, salamanders and small mice. Because of the small size and therefore smaller mouth and fangs, the coralsnake is probably less dangerous to people than rattlesnakes. Glossy snakes are usually gray, pink or cream with conspicuous darker blots. Be Her Village. Among these the most well known is probably the Western diamondback rattlesnake. This montane rattlesnake is usually found in rocky areas of pine-oak woodland or coniferous forests, though they can also be found amongst saguaros in the Sonoran desert upland. Sonoran Whipsnake (Masticophis bilineatus). Diet: Eats mostly lizards, but also snakes. An extremely fast moving snake, the coachwhip quickly seizes its prey and swallows it live. This slender snake is recognized by the large scale on the end of its nose, which is uses to burrow in search of food.
Because sidewinding reduces contact between the snakes body and the ground, it minimizes slippage on loose soils. A large, heavy-bodied snake, the gophersnake is the longest snake in the west, with some individuals reaching over 9 feet in length.

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