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lily flower types

Gluhwein is the result of mixing an oriental hybrid with a trumpet lily. Corsica loves full sun and moderately moist soil. While these classifications are important for both true lily connoisseurs and budding growers alike, if we're being honest, we're here for the pretty. Beautiful Flower Arrangements and Flower Gardens, Beautiful White Amazing Flowers Shop And Names In French, Pictures Images Wallpaer Of Real Flowers, Beautiful Flower Landscapes Garden Design Ideas.

Hybridized by Stooke in 1933, Fire King is an Asiatic lily with deep red-orange flowers covered in purple spots.

Due to their vivid color, the large flowers stand out, adding to the character of your garden.

The earliest bloomers, cold hardy Asiatic hybrids are the easiest to grow and boast the broadest color range. Named after the wife of Robert Ormston Backhouse who introduced the plant in 1921, this lovely lily starts out soft pink and blooms into golden-orange with only the backside retaining the blush. Plants in this division grow 3 to 8 feet tall with a light, graceful form and form large colonies when left undisturbed. Their bloom time starts in late summer and can even last into the fall, although they tend to be at their showiest in August.

Flower Type: 6-8 inches long, trumpet-shaped, slightly curved with strong fragrance. A very easy to grow lily that can reach as high as 7 feet. 'Robert Swanson' is sometimes described as an "Orientpet" lily since it is a cross between an Oriental hybrid and a trumpet lily. In winter, the plant will need a good amount of mulch for protection but come summer, it will still burst into a beautiful bloom. A grouping of fragrant 'Casa Blanca' lilies is a magnificent addition to the white flower garden.

Learn about 40 different types of lilies and see beautiful pictures of them, too. The big blossoms are downward-facing and the petals remarkably curl outward. Blooms in late spring or early summer. White Heaven provides a truly divine display of blooms with its sweet-scented pure white flowers complemented by delicate green center and yellow anthers. It is almost exclusively grown in containers in North America.

Lily flowers have various structural parts.

Good cold tolerance. The rigid stem, and lovely fragrant flower that reminds of sunset is an excellent choice for a cut flower. ‘Regale’ produces large trumpet blooms in white with a yellow throat, and a light pink hue on the outside of the petals.

When planted in compact masses, the flowers create an instant pop of color in the garden throughout the summer. The flowers are big with six saturated yellow petals covered in reddish brown spots.

Flower Type: Around 7 inches wide, upward-facing, open, star-shaped, with slightly curved petals. Martagon Lily (Lilium martagon) An award winning species lily, the sweetly scented flowers may vary from white and light pinkish purple to deep violet. Flower Type: 3 inches, down-facing, recurved. this plant grows multiple stems from a single bulb. Asiatics are well suited to containers, beds, borders, and cutting gardens. Some varieties, like Species and American hybrids, are harder to grow. View . Asiatic hybrids are the result of the crossbreeding of 12 different Asian species. Join us now to learn about the nine lily Divisions and the different characteristics of each group. Flower Type: 7 inches, side or down-facing, recurved. Golden Splendor turned heads upon its introduction in 1957. Growing up to 4-feet tall, these blooms make delightful cut flowers. Madonna lily is hermaphrodite and is pollinated by bees. The red-speckled flowers bloom as early as June and mix well with equally tall shrubs with contrasting colored-flowers in open gardens or along the edge of woodlands. ‘Giant OT Zambesi’ is another Orienpet with large, creamy white flowers with gently ruffled edges. The plant generally prefers to be planted in containers with good drainage where it grows more compact but it will need to be repotted every 2 to 3 years to make room for new root and shoot growth. She has years of experience in caring for flowers and plants.

You can find bags of 5 bulbs available at Burpee. Flower Type: 2-3 inches, upward-facing, wide open, star-like.

Butterflies and hummingbirds are addicted to these showy flowers. Each stalk produces 5-7 showy flowers.

You can add ‘Giant OT Zambesi’ to your garden with bags of bulbs available at Eden Brothers. It’s actually not that difficult to fold especially if you already know how to make We all love flowers, they decorate our life, make it more colored and bright.

Pendulous flowers bear many orange blooms with charming freckles in summer, and plants will spread and naturalize in damp locations.

The gold and bronze tones of the 'Luxor' hybrid will make a splash in your summer garden, especially when planted with orange companion plants such as cosmos or butterfly weed. The flower-bearing plant can grow 7 feet high and spread up to 3 feet wide so staking or support installation may be necessary. Flower Type: 3-6 inches, upward-facing, double flowers. Existing for over 50 years, Red Velvet is considered a classic with its inverted bowl-shape luscious dark red flowers and backward-curling petals. 'Acapulco' blooms in late summer.

Big, beautiful lily flowers are some of the most recognizable flowers in the world. This lily is not difficult to maintain, it thrives in any good soil and any light exposure.

The blossoms make wonderful cut flowers. Striking orange double flowers make good cut flowers. Non-fragrant flowers bloom in summer. Topping out at 2- to 3-feet tall, this variety is ideal for container growing. Soft peach colored blooms with their wonderful fragrance are excellent for summer gardens. Last Dance is a very attractive lily producing airy flowers that nod with the wind.

Along with these flowers on top of the 5 feet tall plant are greenish white floral buds awaiting their succeeding blooms. Aren’t they gorgeous? Each of the 4 to 6 feet tall stem bears 15-20 blossoms that are long-lasting as well. Rosella’s Dream bloom in sunny to partly sunny conditions. The trumpet-shaped flowers are smaller but they are brightly colored with charming freckles that make it easy to fall in love with them. Trumpets and Aurelians are classified in the same division. The flowers are borne on bent soft green stalks and beneath them are neatly arranged whorls of long leaves with parallel venations. ‘Heartstrings’ is a spectacular bicolored variety that sports a lightly speckled yellow center giving way to deep pink tips. The Canada lily is found native to the Eastern parts of North America. Grows is moist well-drained soil, and naturally hybridizes with any other lily species growing nearby. Plant martagon lilies in the fall in a location with excellent drainage. Flower Type: 3-6 inches, side-, up-, or down-facing, flat open or recurved. The Regal lily is the classic example of trumpet lilies. Viva la Vida is an AOA hybrid offering clusters of extremely dramatic flowers in yellow to golden with deep red blush running along the petals’ midribs. In fact, in earlier times they were grown for food. The clustered flowers are striking together and a single plant can stand on its own in the garden. Lilies are a Origami Lily. Every day in the world there are bought and given hundreds and thousands of Pineapple lilies are miniature floral representations of the tropical fruit.

With a high bud count of up to seven flowers per stem, you only need a few bulbs to create a focal point in the early summer landscape. Hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 4-9, they bloom in late spring to mid-summer. With its bright white, and sometimes yellow, blooms, this lily freely shares its soft, sweet fragrance. Flowers develop on the ends of the stems in petal-like segments of 6. Blooming in early summer, with 3-6 delicate flowers on the 2- to 3-feet tall stems, ‘White Heaven’ is ideal for container growing.

It blooms with intensely aromatic flowers in mid to late summer. The most notable cultivar in the Candidum Hybrids, June Fragrance lives up to its name and produces mesmerizing fragrant creamy white flowers at the onset of summer. Over the centuries, lilies have become engrained in everyday culture including art, literary texts, medicinal uses, food sources and for their astonishing decorative beauty. The protruding anthers are deep red as well. These hybrids were developed from East Asian lilies. This lily is reminiscent of the expanding cosmos, hence the name. The Nanking lily is the first successful candidum hybrid developed by the German Franz Anton Haagc in 1836. Flower Type: 3 inches, upward-facing, wide-open, star-shaped. The cup-shaped blooms have equally spaced red-orange petals with purplish-brown spots near the center. Thrives in any well-drained soil when planted at a sunny spot, flowering during late summer to fall. 'Tiny Bee' is an excellent choice for windy areas where taller specimens tend to snap and break. It reaches up to five feet and produces more profuse blooms year after year. The underside of the petals is tinged with light green. Can grow in different soils with enough sunlight. Produces 12-20 flowers on each stem. It has Asiatic and Trumpet origins and the resulting dramatic satiny flowers are a special addition to the garden and flower arrangements, even the butterflies are attracted to it. nor the daylily (Hemerocalis spp.) With eye-catching blooms of deep purple that fades to creamy white tips, the upward-facing flowers of ‘Netty’s Pride’ appear in late spring or early summer, on 3- to 4-feet tall stems. However, neither the calla lily (Zantedeschia spp.)

The lilies in this division are the wild parents of the first eight hybrid groups. ‘Corleone’ is an LA hybrid (Longiflorum x Asiatic) with bright red to deep burgundy blooms and will add a light fragrance as well as color to your garden.

These are the Asiatics, Orientals, Trumpets, and interdivisional hybrids like Asiapets and Orienpets – simple to grow, they’re also highly reliable and gratifying!

To extend the life of your cut lilies, harvest them from your garden when the lower buds show color but are not yet open. With so many delightful options to choose from, knowing a little something of their characteristics can ensure greater enjoyment and success.

Red Velvet was in the Hall of Fame by the North American Lily Society. Flower Type: 6-12 inches, slightly recurved, out-facing, wide open.

Blooms early in summer, each stalk can grow up to 5-6 flowers once established.

The plant grows low, usually under 2 feet which makes them versatile in the ground or containers. I’ve highlighted some of my favorite varieties in each division and on some of them, I’ve provided links to our trusted affiliates. They are showy and long-lasting which are great characteristics for cut flowers. Derived from lilies native to North America, including Bolander’s, Canada, Columbia, and Kelley’s lilies. They may face in an upward direction or arch downward, while other varieties include flowers that are reflexed, flat or bowl-shaped. Flower Type: 6 inches or larger, outward-facing, slightly recurved. Some lily flowers are seemingly flat. This Asiatic lily is tall and slender with narrow green leaves covering the glossy deep green stalks. The out-facing flower has six petals and is often creamy white covered in burgundy spots and swirls. Muckster II Ankle Muck Boots: A Versatile, Waterproof Gardening Shoe, The Best Sun-Protective Gear for Gardeners, How to Grow and Care for Early-Blooming Alpine Aster. The pointy dark green leaves definitely provide a contrast to the showy flowers. These lilies are generally fragrant and bloom on tall stems ranging from 4 to 8 feet tall. All species of lilies fall into one of nine hybrid divisions, including Asiatic, American, Oriental, and more. The moody ‘Night Rider’ is a cross between an Asiatic and a trumpet lily and has dark, almost black petals on its upward-facing blooms. This color amplifies the golden anthers which further adds character to the plant.

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