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easy fancy dress themes

To make your look complete you might want to wear some regal jewelry, for example, a pearl choker, and don't overdo the makeup—minimal eye makeup with red lipstick would work perfectly. With Halloween, the most fashionable holiday, almost upon us, we highlight some of the Dos & Don'ts of creating the perfect costume, from the sexy to the downright scary! Knights in (not so) shining armour, peasants, monks are all great picks. Beach Party fancy dress theme - You could take this one a little differently and go for Victorian Beach Fancy Dress or more mainstream with Hawaiian shorts and shirts. Just remember it is meant to be a bit of fun and not too offensive. - Acting legend or leading character in a film, it doesn't matter who or what you go for as long it has been in a film. Cowboys and Indians fancy dress theme - Another classic theme which has been around for ages, but never gets old! © 2020 Directshop Pty Ltd ABN 69 825 647 553. It will be the cosiest night out you have ever had – PJs, dressing gown and slippers. Whether you are looking for a costume for couples, groups, babies, children or pets, you will surely find something suitable here . Now you need a cone shaped hat in the same colour, and finish it off with the Crayola logo. 90's child, 60's hippies, 50's flirts and 80's rockers. We have a whole Beach Party range you can view here: Beach party fancy dress. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious, CC BY:SA, via flickr. Make sure you create the cardboard top and cover yourself in netting for the perfect photo. Thanks for your comment! -  Animals is always a good theme because it gives people a lot of room for maneuverability and also gives the ‘boring’ people the opportunity to just draw on some whiskers and wear a cat ear headband or something. Just imagine the photos you could get?! Get your lederhosen out, dress up head to toe as a walking, talking, beer bottle or go for a quintessential Bavarian beer girl costume! James Bond, Pussy Galore, Goldfinger, Q, M or just Black Tie and Ball Gowns! You will also need to ensure you send out those invites early enough for your guests to get a costume organised. Of course, water-fun-loving Jack had to get a picture taken with them. All that is needed is that everyone wear a moustache (girls included) and have their costumes match it. Knights in (not so) shining armour, peasants, monks are all great picks. Barvarian Beer Girls, Alpine Cuties and Beer Guy Costumes. A group of fun-loving guys were hanging out in Vegas, dressed as the cast of Baywatch. If you are wanting your party to be a laid back cocktail party, you could try a Titanic theme, or murder mystery theme.

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