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green frog, green frog, what do you see

5��Vy���M����#����R All summer he called, and this summer I was excited to see several tadpoles that must have overwintered in the pond. When I change the charcoal filter should I put it in the tank to soak for a while or take some water out and soak it in that? Chamara Sulakkhana. I’m not saying this is definite proof, as there are variables that are not considered, but there certainly is a documented connection between appetite and comfort level, one that’s not exclusive to frogs. Should I make the water warmer? 0000033678 00000 n Please let me know if you need any further information. 0000002286 00000 n Start with a tadpole and you will be able to watch the whole, very cool, frog metamorphosis. -The biggest froglet (and as a tadpole) ironically has the most skittish disposition. ... Chin Leong Teo.

I just stumbled on this forum and saw you seem to be keeping up with it…which is awesome. Hello Frank, thanks for the quick reply. Thanks for your response Frank. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Great idea to let Dax pick his own treat for the day.

9 of them are now juvenile frogs, and there are still about 5 tadpoles in various stages of metamorphosis. Do they need to eat during the winter if in an outside pond? they do vary greatly in color…one population even has a few blue ones. What a beautiful day for a day~dream.

Thanks again for your advice and for your work in helping animals – and their keepers. 0000001705 00000 n 0000021687 00000 n Now what I am wondering is I dropped a couple in the pond for big mama as I missed the log or the worms wiggled off. Good luck, enjoy and please be sure to keep me posted. For 6 years I’ve had a 600-gal pond in Central Massachusetts with frogs and fish — I currently have 3-4 green frogs and 5 shubunkins. Fruit flies are a bit small, but flightless houseflies (available via internet) are excellent. One day a young frog’s leap brought him right in front of a large adult, who stuffed the little one, kicking and fighting, down his throat as a group of youngsters watched! They have been there for the last 5 days.
and I have not been able to find them My pond is not heated, It has a vigorous waterfall that I keep going for aeration until a hard freeze, then I put in a de-icer to keep a hole in the ice. Bought a 5 gal. Been a couple weeks. ; Q���� ��2::�t@Y �-@�:��\ ��`J@y4�2�.`j``g`�J Afterwards it would pause for a few minutes, as if trying to swallow a meal that never made it, before resuming hunting. Frogs may go through rapid shed cycles when they have external parasites, or if they come in contact with harmful chemicals, acidic water, water high in ammonia, etc. Baffling or deflecting outflow may help. Like lizards, all amphibians shed their skin as they grow;frogs and salamanders usually eat the skin as it is removed; we’re not sure about what most caeciliens do. Also watched bluegills on nest, freed a cicada from a spider web, examined a lg female eastern painted turtle and water scorpion and so on…not sure who had more fun! They go from nearly blackish green to light olive. That includes opportunities that you are not comfortable doing, just to be able to experience doing things that you don’t usually do! An interesting article on the Green Frogs resident at the Hilton Pond Center is posted here.

No need for heat, but likely makes things more interesting as they get very bold when warm. Hi Frank, We have one frog who we first noticed had a white rear foot (the skin was white, there didn’t appear to be fungus or anything “growing” on the skin) which quickly progressed to a white leg. She is down to 2 bones of the foot that are now completely exposed. Sub-adult Green Frogs may disperse as far as 3 miles from their natal pond. Adult frogs that are not growing much will shed less often; more to replace worn-out skin, it seems, than to make room for growth; the skin secretes mucus, protects against bacterial attack, etc. I’ve been to forums where some were concerned about potential diseases carried by houseflies. Thanks for your interest in our blog. But even in natural situations, there’s some flexibility..here in s. NY I’ve seen bull and green frogs basking on warm winter days at an outdoor pond at the Bx zoo..not heated, but supplied with 55 F water year round. My bento baby was up and happy for the morning shift and still cooing away. Some, like the African Bullfrog, form a “cocoon” of several shed skins in which to aestivate (remain dormant) during droughts; African bullfrogs may remain in aestivation for 8-12 months! Research has taken me in pursuit of anacondas, Orinoco crocodiles and other animals in locales ranging from Venezuela’s llanos to Tortuguero’s beaches. Can keep w/o filtration if you prefer as you have in past…Java moss will help water quality, or you can add a peace Lilly…terrestrial houseplant, but lives well with roots in water. Box 4: Kiwi gallons per frog, the ratio of land to water and depth of water level. We didn’t get a baby turtle this year, but did get a baby (thumb sized) green frog. When it does flee and if it doesn’t flee far enough the aggressive frog will pursue it. The area where the foot attached to the leg now has a small open sore on it. If not, do you know what the frog may have been doing? Very still and just laying on the bottom. Yellow throats are typical of males, although very light in some. Internet research can be confusing if one is not able to rate the expertise of the author, as there are no controls, peer review etc…just as bad with reptiles, amphibs, etc. #frog #indonesia. Females are very competitive while feeding; I’ve seen them push and wrestle when food appears. Sorry I could not provide a more pleasant response, Hi Frank, In fact, this boldness led to a few accidents – wildly leaping Green Frogs sometimes landed too close to the pond’s resident Bullfrog, who was only too happy to gulp them down! I just want to keep observing.

I’ve read a lot online but trust your insight more. Now, after 20+ years with the Bronx Zoo, I am a consultant for several zoos and museums. We have a small backyard pond that has been a breeding site for various frogs and salamanders for several years. However, this would not likely show up so early in their development (in my experience). P.S. They will also use a solid land area in time (prefer to rest and feed on floating plants early on). A major part of that is each frog’s level of anxiety in response to stimuli. Good luck, enjoy and please keep me posted…any observation s would be most welcome and useful, as we still have much to learn in this area. I never realized frogs could be so aggressive. Always a risk as seasons change…losses occur even in undisturbed habitats, but I would leave them..days are warm enough to spur movement if needed. They are good at finding hibernation sites, although artificial ponds can throw them off. I’ve had two frogs stick around for 4 years, but most take off at the end of the summer, perhaps heading for the swamp at the bottom of out hill, about 1/4 mile away. 0000003508 00000 n 0000134073 00000 n You should be able to write as long as you wish, may have been some sort of glitch. The only “volunteer” tadpoles I’ve had In my pond were quite small’ less than a inch.. thanks for the kind words. Is there anything else I should be doing to improve their appetites? I just found your posts through a Google search for “green frog behavior”. Some frogs will even take insects that I toss to them. Leaving the filter running. 0000004418 00000 n Thanks for your informative articles-I’d love to hear a response to my questions! Rapid currents will bother them also, but reaction you’ve seen is typical of shock due to a rapid change in some water quality parameter….very mild filtration is fine. Do you see what I see? He doesn’t even mind the flow of the filter but I still don’t leave it on all day. Females may breed twice yearly in the southern states. Some of them appear to be more voracious than others; but, oddly, so far appetite has not followed size e.g. Thanks and keep up the good work.

0000019018 00000 n I hadn’t considered the water deteroriating more quickly in the heat. We are concerned that her other leg may do the same thing. 0000036613 00000 n Thanks for your help. Male green frogs will drive one another away from females, but they are not stricktly territorial when breeding, as are bullfrogs. Frogs generally do not feed while they have some tail remaining; the tail itself seems to be used as a nutrient source; actually, I was surprised to learn that yours took some food at this time – thanks for the observation.
Maybe we’ll get some extra zzzz’s in this weekend. Temp in there is the same. Betta fish is 100% now. please send more info -location, pool filter/aeration if any, depth; are there frogs in the site you would move him to? but commercial cultures are fine to use.

frank, Enjoy and pl keep me posted, best, Frank. They often enter via a small wound or abrasion. #amphibian #frog #green #maryland #pond #reflection. 0000007520 00000 n Males will attempt to grasp any suitably-sized frog in amplexus (mating embrace), including other species (and even fish, floating debris, etc!!). I guess bottom line is do you think he stands a chance or is the stress irreversible? A Master’s Degree in biology has led to teaching opportunities. Thanks for the interesting observation. ��e5��?�EDF%���+��t�+�� �#�mg�)��\67�����a�q�1 �wQ�0 )�n�V��u����}�YE��1+�q�P�N c/��a�feMKU�R[�OV��l��"��|ߧ0:[=Zk;LQ#i��r���2yp�C#����}�J�!/!X�P�E���I�� Status in the Wild. These frogs do not feed underwater but the fish will eat the worms; many likely fall in each night. Also watch your water quality, as decomposition/bacteria growth proceed faster. Can they dig into that to hibernate?


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