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[298] In another letter written to a Liverpool supporter, also written in 1996, Ingham remarked that people should "shut up about Hillsborough". Possibly connected to the excitement, a surge in pen 3 caused one of its metal crush barriers to give way. The programme can be heard here. Trust v Bland [1993] A.C. 789, a landmark House of Lords decision in English criminal law, that allowed the life-support machine of Tony Bland, a Hillsborough victim in a persistent vegetative state, to be switched off. Of those statements, 116 were amended to remove or change negative comments about South Yorkshire Police. [268], The November 2002 edition of the men's lifestyle magazine FHM in Australia was swiftly withdrawn from sale soon after its publication, and a public apology made in the Australian and British editions, because it contained jokes mocking the disaster. [296][297], In 1996, Sir Bernard Ingham, former press secretary to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, caused controversy with his comments about the disaster. [27] Mole had supervised numerous police deployments at the stadium in the past. These were formally given to the inquests at 11:00 on 26 April 2016. The Hillsborough disaster touched not only Liverpool, but clubs in England and around the world. [108] Falconer added: "It made the families in the Hillsborough disaster feel after one establishment cover-up, here was another. calling for his resignation, but he apologised on discovering hooliganism was not the cause. The request to delay the start of the match by 20 minutes was declined. Hillsborough trial: David Duckenfield 'was thrown in at deep end', Why jellyfish could be a 'perfect food' Video, Far-right online: 'I got them back on social media' Video, Far-right online: 'I got them back on social media', Undercover in the schools that chain boys. [28], Meanwhile, Hillsborough was accepted as the FA Cup semi-final venue on 20 March 1989 by the Football Association. Latest Reporting Testing Week – The most recent weekly period for which testing data has been provided. At this fixture, Arsenal players brought flowers onto the pitch and presented them to the Liverpool fans around the stadium before the game commenced. [7][8][9][10] The panel's report resulted in the previous findings of accidental death being quashed, and the creation of new coroner's inquests. Februar 2000 ein Besucherrekord aufgestellt. [277], In November 2007, the BBC soap opera EastEnders caused controversy when the character Minty Peterson (played by Cliff Parisi) made a reference to the disaster. Das Hillsborough-Stadion war seit dessen Erbauung im Jahre 1899 das Heimatstadion des Profivereins Sheffield Wednesday. No, his apology doesn't mean a thing to me. [95], Lord Taylor regarded spectator allocation as irrelevant to the disaster. [86], Lord Taylor noted with regard to the performance of the senior police officers in command that "...neither their handling of the problems on the day nor their account of it in evidence showed the qualities of leadership to be expected of their rank" [86], Lord Taylor concluded that the behaviour of Liverpool fans, including accusations of drunkenness, were secondary factors, and said that most fans were: "not drunk, nor even the worse for drink". Had it been reversed, the disaster could well have occurred in a similar manner but to Nottingham supporters". Hillsborough Stadium (Sheffield Wednesday) | Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium (Queens Park Rangers) | [14], At the time of the disaster, most English football stadiums had high steel fencing between the spectators and the playing field in response to pitch invasions. Hillsborough is a bit of a nightmare to drive to so I had heard. [55], During the final match of the 1988–89 English Football League season, contested on 26 May 1989 between Liverpool and second-place Arsenal, the Arsenal players presented flowers to fans in different parts of Anfield in memory of those who had died in the Hillsborough disaster. The latest updates in text and video as the US election enters its frantic final fortnight. The report said "When spectators first appeared on the track, the immediate assumption in the control room was that a pitch invasion was threatened. He said gates allowing fans to move between pens were installed in the radial fences at the back of the terrace, but when it was full it would be, "well-nigh impossible" to get back up the terrace from the front. People are very upset by it. He later apologised and said "I know that fan unrest played no part in the terrible events of April 1989 and I apologise to Liverpool fans and the families of those killed and injured in the Hillsborough disaster if my comments caused any offence." .css-14iz86j-BoldText{font-weight:bold;}The capacity of the Leppings Lane terrace at Hillsborough was overestimated by 1,800, the retrial of Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield has heard. Structural engineer John Strange agreed the miscalculation was "potentially very dangerous" at Preston Crown Court. Solicitor Peter Metcalf, former Chief Superintendent Donald Denton and former Detective Chief Inspector Alan Foster were all charged with perverting the course of justice. When the appeal closed the following year, it had raised over £12 million. ", "Original 'copy' of Hillsborough story filed by White's news agency", "Hillsborough Inquests: 'Regrets' over pickpocketing claims", "Hillsborough: 20 years on, Liverpool has still not forgiven the newspaper it calls 'The Scum, "Hillsborough report: Prime Minister David Cameron's statement in full", "How the Sun's 'truth' about Hillsborough unravelled", "Ex-Sun editor: I was right on Hillsborough", "MacKenzie speaks out on Hillsborough comments", "News International chairman James Murdoch apologises to Liverpool over Sun's coverage of Hillsborough tragedy", "Hillsborough files: Reaction to release of government papers", "Hillsborough: Kelvin MacKenzie offers 'profuse apologies to the people of Liverpool, "Not Even The Sun Could Have Expected This Level of Anger After Hillsborough Inquest", "Hillsborough: The Sun 'profoundly sorry' over false fan conduct reports", "An own goal? [76] The inquests returned verdicts of accidental death on 26 March 1991, much to the dismay of the bereaved families, who had been hoping for a verdict of unlawful killing or an open verdict, and for manslaughter charges to be brought against the officers who had been present at the disaster. Now it is headed by Assistant Commissioner Rob Beckley. Pride Park Stadium (Derby County) | "[288], A formal complaint was made against David Crompton, South Yorkshire's chief constable, over internal emails relating to the Hillsborough disaster. [12] [1][3][240] The Guardian later wrote that "The claim that supporters higher up the Leppings Lane terrace had urinated on police pulling bodies out of the crush appeared to have roots in the fact that those who were dying or sustaining serious injuries suffered compression asphyxia and many involuntarily urinated, vomited and emptied their bowels as they were crushed."[241]. [179][180][181], Home Secretary Theresa May announced on 18 December 2012 that a new police inquiry would be initiated to examine the possibility of charging agencies other than the police over the Hillsborough deaths. The prosecution argued that the crush was "foreseeable" hence the defendants were "grossly negligent". [223], On 30 April 1989, a match organised by Celtic F.C. VideoColorado battles a record-breaking wildfire, How fashion reflects ethnic pride in Ethiopia, Why jellyfish could be a 'perfect food' VideoWhy jellyfish could be a 'perfect food', The missing dolphin who became an Irish star, Indigenous groups rally in Bogotá over killings, Flock of '140,000 birds' creates record at reserve, Far-right online: 'I got them back on social media' VideoFar-right online: 'I got them back on social media', Undercover in the schools that chain boys. Perimeter and lateral fencing was removed and many top stadiums were converted to all-seated. [82] Phillips stated that the exclusion of their evidence was a 'serious error of judgement' by Popper. [143] The jury returned a verdict of unlawful killing in respect of all 96 victims (by majority verdict of 7–2). Trevor Hicks, whose two daughters had been killed, described the verdicts as 'lawful' but 'immoral'.[77]. I do not consider that there is any material which should be put before the Director of Public Prosecutions or the Police Complaints Authority which might cause them to reconsider the decisions they have already taken. [118] Their report was in 395 pages and delivered 153 key findings. [54], At the 1989 FA Cup Final between Liverpool and local rivals Everton, held just five weeks after the Hillsborough disaster, the players from both participating teams wore black armbands as a gesture of respect to the victims. [86] Further stating: "South Yorkshire Police were not prepared to concede they were in any respect at fault in what occurred. Es ist Heimspielstätte des Fußballklubs Sheffield Wednesday. [246] MacKenzie refused to apologise when appearing on the BBC's topical Question Time on 11 January 2007. A television drama film, based on the disaster and subsequent events, titled simply Hillsborough, was produced by Granada Television. Es beherbergt seit der ersten Rasenverlegung im Jahr 1899 die Spiele des Vereins. [6] Families rejected the findings,[3] and fought to have the case re-opened. Hillsborough Stadium, is a 39,732-capacity association football stadium located in Owlerton, a north-western suburb of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. The Hillsborough Independent Panel’s Report is in three parts. ", Agreeing, Mr Strange replied: "Possibly, yes.". On 12 September 2012, it published its report and simultaneously launched a website containing 450,000 pages of material[109] collated from 85 organisations and individuals[110] over two years. John Smith’s Stadium (Huddersfield Town) | Announcing the report to the House of Commons, Home Secretary Jack Straw backed Stuart-Smith's findings and said that "I do not believe that a further inquiry could or would uncover significant new evidence or provide any relief for the distress of those who have been bereaved. City Ground (Nottingham Forest) | Mackrell pleaded not guilty to the charge against him. He estimated the capacity figures for the two central pens as 678 and 778, but the jury was told the club figures for the pens were 1,200 and 1,000. "[42]:146, A total of 42 ambulances arrived at the stadium. ", "West Yorkshire Chief Constable referred to IPCC", "Hillsborough disaster: Bettison's role revealed", "Hillsborough tragedy: Norman Bettison to retire after controversy over role", "Hillsborough disaster: the new evidence under IPCC investigation", "Hillsborough disaster: watchdog to launch biggest ever inquiry into police", "IPCC Hillsborough inquiry is another vindication for families", "Hillsborough probe 'to be UK's biggest into police conduct, "Hillsborough: 1,444 police names passed to IPCC", "Hillsborough: Application for new inquests", "Hillsborough Investigation Update: Independent Police Complaints Commission", "Hillsborough: 19 people refuse to help IPCC inquiry", "Hillsborough probe finds more police statements changed", "Statements from the CPS, IPCC and Operation Resolve following Hillsborough inquests verdict", "New Hillsborough Investigation Boss Appointed", "David Duckenfield faces 95 Hillsborough manslaughter charges", "Hillsborough disaster accused appear in court", "Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield can face trial", "Hillsborough officer not charged over horse burn claims", "Hillsborough charges against Sir Norman Bettison dropped", "Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield denies manslaughter", "Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield appears in court at start of manslaughter trial", "Hillsborough trial: David Duckenfield 'will not testify, "Hillsborough trial: No verdict over David Duckenfield", "Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield retrial", "Hillsborough police chief cleared of manslaughter", "How David Duckenfield trial left Hillsborough families distraught again", "Hillsborough families to sue police for 'abuse on industrial scale, "Hillsborough memorial returns to Anfield", "Hillsborough memorial clock unveiled at Liverpool Town Hall", "Everton FC to unveil tribute to Hillsborough 96 ahead of Merseyside derby", "Uefa to help Liverpool Avoid Hillsborough Clash", "Football to remember Hillsborough disaster", "A minute's silence to remember Hillsborough", "Liverpool avoid Hillsborough anniversary clash", "Thousands flock to Anfield as Liverpool marks 20th anniversary of Hillsborough", "Hundreds mark Hillsborough anniversary in city", "Giggs showed that even in a cash-conscious age the game has moments which defy evaluation", "Milan vs Real Madrid – Fans Sing You'll Never Walk Alone", "1989-04-30: Celtic 0–4 Liverpool, Hillsborough Memorial Match", "MP's tearful tribute to Hillsborough 96", "Hillsborough debate full transcript: Read everything MPs said in the House of Commons – link to full video now added", "The Immediate Aftermath – The Media Reaction – Hillsborough Football Disaster", "Is it time to forgive and forget Kelvin Mackenzie and the Sun over the lies they told about Hillsborough?

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