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how to unlock photos from gallery lock

First off Unhide the pics from Gallery Lock, if you can access the App. but now got a very critical problem, i forgot this number. Good day Sir, Im a samsung galaxy s2 user and using Gallery Lock Application. If deleted by clean master then how the file name alone are visible in the gallery lock folder? I used mini tool power data recovery tool 6.8 to get files to show up but I’m stuck with glh files. But if your phone does not offer this (hide/lock) feature then it is obvious that you must be using any third-party apps like AppLock, Vault etc.

Here we would like to recommend EaseUS MobiSaver for Android. All you have to do is, cut them all; needed files and paste to some other folder (You need to move the files, because later if you ever wanted to lock the files again or just wanted to uninstall the Application; you will be in big trouble loosing your files)  Rename the files with .jpeg extension; And you have just successfully unlocked aka recovered aka rescued files.

Once a media file is managed by the app, the media file cannot be viewed in your normal Gallery or Video app. FYI – I haven’t tried uninstalling it. Forgot password and security question to gallery lock free in htc one x. Hello hey pls help me to unlock my memory card of nokia 2700c ..its really worthful to unlock dt..do suggest me something asap.. i will be grateful to you for the same. First remove all extensions of videos and assign them avi or mpeg that a good Video players like VLC could be able to load the video codecs into it. Have U tried the Scan for Lost files Feature yet in the Application settings itself? Questions: 1 – The application exact name and version. So, even you replace sd card the pics will be still there in phone memory.

Hi. This app is available on the App Store, and you can download it for free . tried that… but the video doesnt play, maybe the files are damaged, any cure for that? Hi, If you lost your phone there’s no way recovering around, unless you recover your Mobile First. So, does that mean, you recovered locked files, and then uninstalled Smart lock and Gallery Lock applications, and all of sudden, your SD card is not being detected! Many users want to protect their data including photos and files from other persons. thanxxx a lot a lot bro ….I was really worried of getting back my important data ,I unistalled that software and installed it again but files were not opening just s u told I renamed them and they are fine now …godblessu.

I have gallery lock on my phone, not the pro version and I happened to drop my phone and now the screen stays black and the touch screen doesn’t work. What is the Folder Location path? This will recover all your previously lost photos from a previous version of App Lock or Gallery Vault. These below steps show how easy it is to unlock, not this, but any App Lock service.

Please let me know where exact location this SLM and SLT are noticed and sizes… since I’ve not seen this kind of cases yet, provide me further details precisely .. SLM solution is here in my blog… check it! whats the file name? Any way you can help me ? Getting error like what? I don’t get the .glk extension. Before we proceed further it is important to understand how these lock apps work. Here "Only display deleted items"option to list the deleted files only. Have you tried renaming the extension? Follow the process mentioned below to protect your data with password. pls help me to change it to my old jpeg format. You can safely back them up using reinstallation of App in the later times. The Old Post Saved Some of the Irated Patrons by Recovering Files on Moving to a new Location when Extension of the locked files has been changed from .glk to .jpg or user defined Image Extension. Ah I see thanks for the help I’d rather not try to void any warranty I have since I will be sending it to Samsung in the near future. kindly help me to get bck my data saved in my memory card.

Please check there with root explorer file manager to see if that info can help you. The app has a stealth mode whereby it is able to hide the launch icon and it can only be launched by a secret code entered in your phone dialer. go to reistall ii from setting u can recover the lost files…. Be specific about version as well please. I was installed hide all file app.

i have all the files in .slm and .slt format kindly i need your help kinld give me a best solution to recover all the files some files are very important. instead images with broken file are coming.

Thumbnail usually sizes very less and original pertains original image size.

I see the shadow of my pics, in Gallerylock\thumbnail.

I have deleted the all of my photos in da gallery look app by mistake so can u plz help me out to recover all my photos.. Those tiny previews when any folder opened in there? HOW CAN I GET THE APPLICATION ICON BACK TO MY ANDROID PHONE DESTOP WITHOUT LOOSING MY FOLDERS WITH PICTURES AND VIDEO? Hello , I have a Samsung galaxy s 3 and I frogot my password and I really need it I have all my pictures in there since my sister passed away on 05/18/13 I have nice pictures w her and I really want this files.please help me do you guy send like reset password and send it to email or what ,???

If so great and will be helpful for others…, Yes!

so i installed safe gallery app.

In any cases, i think ur media database is corrupt n u will have to rebuild that. I tried that and they still come out cut off one some. Idk why. I Am using Photo locker application in samsung mobile Grang …one problem coming in photo, locker. Please do reboot ur phone post unhiding all ur videos and then after rebooting start hiding all… That builds a consistent db for ur files. Go to Settings In the Gallery Lock Menu and Then In there You see Advanced Settings. Please tell me that, wen u change the file extension on your pc, wat message ur getting wen u try to open the file after changes made?

I uninstalled Video Lock application (NEO) in my micromax A65 mobile before unlock the (.lck) video files. For the second case, you have two options. Never mind, I got it, thanks for the help! still my files not recoverd yar..what to do that i doent know now…?? local-image-thumbs Hey i have glk extension files in the same folder i had around 250 files (images but there are only three sample files for the whole 250 pls help please chaladi. Thanks. You have to look for SLM files only in this Cases.

“Folder lock-″ app. Hi since u were using same sdcard, try search for lost files option in advanced settings of gallerylock application.

I am extreamly sorry to rush you, but you can understand it very well for my desperate efforts to get back the files . KIndly help on this. No… restore option does restore pics and videos to recovered folded in sdcard0 location… which in turn appears in gallery as recovered folder with all those missing files. Log in to your App Lock or Gallery Vault using your Master Password. in this i have 100 photos some personal. Click on it. bymistakly i deleted cache files from da data storage i opened gallery lock i just seen my photos are not displayed its showing like crack file after dat got i got irritated and i formatted da phone and i even lost da crack files also so plz let me know how can get back my phots or recovery photos from this app those photos are important to sooo plz help me out Mr.chaladi. Thank you thank you thank you I cannot thank you enough sir!!!!

I have changed the file from .glk to .jpeg but the quality of the image was down drastically plz help. i cannot format or delete anything. One work around is to locate files in gallerylock folder just as I said in my post and copy them to your pc or phone memory. So, ensure the piCS are still there in hidden folder. Gallery Lock has .glk Extensions whereas Smart Lock has .slm and .slt Extensions. Don’t worry, just uninstall and reinstall… And after installing the application just scan fir lost files in the gallery lock application settings. It is very important about the Android version your mobile is running. If you are not able to see the Pics hidden in the Gallery Lock APP, then even if you uninstall the app, you will not lose the files those were hidden with the Gallery Lock App. I am using ‘HI App Lock’ and I have forgotten my password and now not able to access any of the apps in my samsung galaxy android phone which are locked by this app lock. So Look around carefully and play around until Media Files are Found. Question, if I’ve deleted the gallery cache, is there any way for me to recover the pics? So, i wanted to ask you whether flashing deletes the gallery lock folder as well also does it delete my other photos which were present in the gallery?? I have a glh file from year ago but gallery lock does not recognize/find/recover it. Sorry to hear that… did you deleted recovery folder from gallery? the file seems to be 100mb.

I request someone; maybe if you donot hesitate to help me by sending some locked files along with all relying files, like slt, slm which has same name for it. and the name of the filles in hires-image-cache folder are CACHE File. Cos Myself pushed into the same issue… lol now weeping… along with u . The smartphones in question here are Android devices, as we have tried this procedure on one, but not on iPhone. Have you moved Gallery Lock Application to SD card earlier? Is there any chance to retrieve the photos? If anybody can assist me in doing it please call me asap on my number +91-98670566$ixtwo & + 91-91673222€|ghtπwo, I’m sorry that I haven’t encountered SLM file associations… so i am helpless as of now, but will surely look into this…, Hey thx but help me with d procedure for slt files please. After restoration i am unable to find any folder named sd card in phone memory mine phone is running gingerbread nw wt to do dear? If you have them handy then we can proceed further…. kinldy help to recover these files. get back to me after using alternate file explorers. twitter: @april_lian5 or mail herlindwia@gmail.com. I am sorry but I am unable to understand your question. ?…..my handset is mycromax canvas…….can u plzzzzzzz help me. Alright, With this information Handy, proceeding further left us with the only option to Uninstall. What’s the Size of the Files? Then you have to use R-Studio or someother file recovery tools, to see if they can help you recover files in damaged Sd card and format it after. Where did it go. That way u recover all lost files. Open gallery--> Click on option(3dots) and select "show locked files" 6. say in MBs or >100-200 KB? I have changed my folder options through Control Panel exactly like your screen shots but I am unable to find the Gallery Lock folder. I Am using Photo locker application in samsung mobile Grang …one problem coming in photo, locker.

i have samsung galaxy mobile, in which i have installed gallery lock software to hide my files, Just install r-studio on your PC and scan for deleted files for your phone memory. Check the below screenshot URL, it is my Image from R-Studio of my Samsung SII. i even tried Fexplorer for java bt in the c:/ i cnt find system folder in that . I just figured it out that i havnt backed it up in my hard disk. So You can only Thumbnails from SLT. Whatever! So I said try luck…, Any attached memory to PC can be scanned with r-studio.

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