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libra weekly horoscope

Compatibility: 2020 Libra Yearly Horoscope, Libra Writing and teaching endeavors are also favored—you do best with one-on-one conversations. Direct the flow of abundance. The guiding principle of Scorpio is “I desire”. In an attempt to avoid unpleasant situations, we could easily gloss over deeper issues at play in our relationships. The Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio today for a transit that lasts until November 21st. It’s best to watch that you’re not so attached to your own agenda that power struggles result from this tight-hold. toggleDropdownContent(this, false); if (show) { See Another Sign. }) Don't get pulled into this waste of your valuable time. You’re finding your voice, and you’re more interested in new ways of enjoying and expressing yourself in 2020. Aries Libra. In Libra, we strived towards equality and fairness. Scorpio’s energy is provocative, usually in a quiet way, as well as passionate, strong-willed, and intense. Superficiality or mediocrity will not do with the Sun in Scorpio! } This is likely to be exciting and different. 22oct6:59 pmSun enters ScorpioPlanetary Ingress6:59 pm EDT Event Type :Planetary Ingress, Sun enters Scorpio $('.dropdown-content').hide(300); You may very well monetize a hobby. A Mercury-Chiron quincunx later today can introduce some misunderstandings, doubts, and hypersensitivity. Jealousy, vindictiveness, beating a dead horse, and manipulative are some of the more negative expressions of Scorpio. You like to keep things upbeat, cordial and respectful, but sometimes, to get... October SnapshotHappy Libra season! This might happen through contact with people from an entirely different background than yours, travel, or higher learning. The Moon spends the day in your communications sector, dear Libra, boosting your desire to learn, share, and connect. } Changes which occur now are designed for your ultimate liberation, Libra. You are on intellectual fire today as the moon in Sagittarius, your communicative third house, forms a supportive trine to go-getter Mars. #page_title h1 { We might ignore practicality around the Moon's square to Neptune this morning, which can spur wistfulness or. For example, if you are an Aries with a Leo Ascendant, read the forecast for both Aries and Leo. Neptune will travel in your house of work and its sextil with Jupiter will help you position yourself without putting your colleagues in the shade. background: transparent url(https://mk0astrostylecoa3hb9.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/objects-libra-1.png) no-repeat 620px -20px; Venus forms a trine to Pluto, and the need to share or enjoy life on deeper levels is strengthening. var $content = $(dropdown).find('.dropdown-content'); There has been heavy energy in your solar fourth house in recent years. We may too easily accommodate others’ opinions in order to keep the peace. Avoid ego wars that keep you stuck in frustrating situations. The contrast between earthy, practical, peace-loving Taurus and emotional, transformative, crisis-oriented Scorpio comes full bloom. Full Moons always pit opposite signs of the zodiac against each other. Astrological transits continue in their cyclical ways no matter the current situation. if (!event.target.matches('.dropdown-btn')) { Superficiality simply will not do with the Sun in Scorpio. While Mercury in Libra urged us to find. All that is hidden, taboo, secret, or suppressed interests us. Libra Ascendant Horoscopes Changes occur close to home. From the 22nd, you'll be especially motivated to improve your financial state, but new initiatives may need some review and extra thought before moving forward with them. Today's Libra Horoscope from Cafe Astrology. Virgo October 18, 2020 In Relationship . This is a time for a new beginning of sorts. As we try to get the words just right, we could fall short with sensitivity. You're putting more energy into building your money, resources, and talents. You'll still have the impression of struggling to connect. Aries It can be an immensely healing and transformative energy. Join our list for VIP invitations, early bird access, weekly horoscopes and much more! The Moon spends the day in the sign of Capricorn--an earthy, practical, and wise influence. Libra in Love | Libra Career. We’re motivated to reach out beyond our usual routines. See Another Sign Scorpio is the sign of depth, intimacy, and extremes of feeling. Gemini This transit encourages spending more time to yourself, going under the radar in some areas of life, and sorting out or processing your feelings. It is an emotional time – a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships. There can be continuing drama this month if you feel a little torn between others' wants and needs and your own feelings and fears. Mars has an extended stay in your partnership sector in the second half of 2020, exciting a close relationship, but also bringing up areas of tension. Venus will visit your health sector and encourage you to take care of your body and eating habits. The Moon leaves Sagittarius and enters sensible Capricorn at 2:44 AM EDT. function toggleDropdownContent (dropdown, show) { Read the daily horoscope for another zodiac sign: Free Daily Horoscope. Libra (Sept.22-Oct 23): Libra your free daily astrology horoscope suggests that with the Moon in Virgo you can hear be lot's of complaints. Two retrogrades in particular this year affect you quite intimately. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend. Copyright © 2019-20 Mediarology, Inc. All rights reserved. } The Moon leaves Sagittarius and enters sensible Capricorn at 2:44 AM EDT. However, as the day advances, there is good energy for pouring energy and dedication into a project or cause. Scorpio’s energy is provocative, often in a quiet way, and passionate, strong-willed, and intense. The Moon’s harmony with the Sun tonight boosts our confidence and sense of direction. Thinking is inclined to be one-track minded, focused, and even obsessive. .mouseleave(function () { It occurs in your adventure and spirit sector, so it may be more about your mental life, interests, and attitudes than it is about romantic relationships or partnerships. The year 2020 brings fantastic renovations to your personal life, home, and domestic or emotional world, dear Libra. } } When Mercury is in Libra, we are diplomatic and friendly. First, your ruler, Venus, spends extra time in this area of your solar chart (from April to August), and you’ll be questioning whether your current lifestyle is fulfilling you. $('#dropdown_top_nav_change_sign') For now, sudden moves are not advised. Mars is retrograde in your partnership sector continuing this month, and a review of your situation is vital before you can go forward with more confidence. Yes, you're still reflecting and considering your next step, but you have more power than usual to take charge and to make an impact in the days after this lunation. You’re in fabulous shape for a special trip, course, or adventure this year, and it comes at just the right moment–after you’ve spent a lot of time in your safe space.

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