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mexican black kingsnake temperament

If you set up its enclosure incorrectly, your snake is likely to experience health problems. If provoked or threatened, they will rattle their tail, beating it against the ground. This species is one of the first kingsnakes to be bred regularly for the sole purpose of pets! Mexican Black Kingsnake Temperament This species is very active during the day. While they prefer to spend a large portion of their time in isolation and are quite solitary by nature, they do require exercise and activity to promote health and wellbeing. Mexican Black kingsnakes grow between 3 and 4 feet and often live 15-20 years in captivity with excellent care. This type of behaviour has been made famous by the common rattlesnake, and while kingsnakes do not possess rattles, they do, however, exhibit the same behaviour.

This act is quite common among all the colubrids(such as corn snakes and milk snakes) and is a sign th… When they catch prey they bite down hard and constrict around it. As they are not venomous they rely entirely on their strength to capture prey. You have to get everything right, from the size of the enclosure and the material it’s made from, to the substrate you use, the humidity and temperature levels, and lighting. The primary consideration when caring for any snake is its enclosure. Mexican Black Kingsnakes spend most of their day hunting for prey. These stem from you not replicating its natural environment sufficiently for it to thrive in captivity. The Mexican black kingsnake likes fairly warm climates—typically 79-84° F (26-29° C) during the daytime and 70-75° F (21-24° C) at night. This is … Native to the … They are solitary animals that only interact to mate.

The Mexican Black kingsnake, a subspecies of the Common (Eastern) kingsnake, is a very popular snake in the reptile pet industry due to their beauty, modest size and rather tractable temperament.

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