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The NGC 1277's location is 03 19 51.488 (R.A.) and +41 34 24.26 (Dec.). NGC 1277 lies 220 million light-years away in the constellation Perseus. In a press release, Hubble says NGC 1277 is in a state of “arrested development,” but no, not like the show. For example, NGC 1278, a galaxy not far from 1277, is about the same size and mass, and it has lots of blue globulars, indicating it has eaten many smaller galaxies. Gebhardt/StarDate, Rebecca Johnsonph: 512-475-6763fax: 512-471-5060rjohnson@astro.as.utexas.edu, © 2020 The University of Texas McDonald Observatory | Department of Astronomy | Astronomy ProgramDirections | StarDate | Sign up for SkyTips | Jobs & Volunteer Opportunities. NGC 1277 also has a black hole at its center that’s absurdly large for such a small galaxy. Get breaking space news and the latest updates on rocket launches, skywatching events and more! Její hvězdná velikost je 13,7. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? NGC 1277 é uma galáxia lenticular localizada na direcção da constelação de Perseus.Possui uma declinação de +41° 34' 27" e uma ascensão recta de 3 horas, 19 minutos e 51,4 segundos.. NGC 1277 foi descoberta em 4 de Dezembro de 1875 por Lawrence Parsons.. Localizada a 220 milhões de anos-luz da Via Láctea, esta galáxia possui uma magnitude aparente de 14,7.

The galaxy is only a quarter the size of the Milky Way, but in its early days, scientists think NGC 1277 could crank out stars about 1,000 times faster than our own galaxy. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. For one thing, it doesn’t have the same kinds of globular clusters that other large galaxies have. The Right Ascension is the angular distance of an object along the celestial equator from the March Equinox. Van den Bosch said his team discovered the mega black holes during a survey to seek "the biggest black holes we could find.". Po tomto "výbuchu" vznikání nových hvězd, tisíckrát rychlejšího než při vzniku Mléčné dráhy, tato fáze skončila a zanechala v NGC 1277 hvězdy bohaté na kovy, které jsou o zhruba 7 miliard let starší než naše Slunce. It can be located in the constellation of Perseus. It has 11 percent of the mass of its host galaxy’s central bulge. "It's almost all black hole. NGC 1277's black hole could be many times more massive than its largest known competitor, which is estimated but not confirmed to be between 6 billion and 37 billion solar masses in size… NGC 1277 je čočková galaxie v souhvězdí Persea vzdálená přibližně 186 milionů světelných let od Mléčné dráhy. NGC 1277 fait partie du groupe de NGC 1275 qui compte au moins 48 membres dont NGC 1224, NGC 1267, NGC 1270, NGC 1273, NGC 1275, NGC 1279, IC 288, IC 294, IC 310 et IC 312[13]. Nicméně se stále jedná o jednu z nejhmotnějších známých obřích černých děr s poloměrem 29,6 miliard kilometrů, což je skoro šestinásobek vzdálenosti mezi Sluncem a Plutem.

Le groupe de NGC 1275 fait partie de l'amas de Persée (Abell 426). La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 14 avril 2020 à 14:56. There's no register feature and no need to give an email address if you don't need to. Astronomers have discovered what may be the most massive black hole ever known in a small galaxy about 250 million light-years from Earth, scientists say. Cookies / About Us / Contact Us / Twitter / Facebook, http://simbad.u-strasbg.fr/simbad/sim-id?Ident=ngc1277. Our structural decomposition reveals that NGC 1277 is dominated by a “classical” spheroid with a Sérsic index n = 5.3, a half-light radius R e,major =2.1 kpc, and a stellar mass of 2.7 10´ 11 M (using ML* V =11.65, Martín-Navarro et al. Enter a coin's NGC certification number (circled in the image) and grade to confirm its description and grade in NGC's database and, if available, view the images of the coin taken by NGC.

As rough guide, the location is located in the constellation of Pisces. But the vastly different proportions seen in NGC 1277 are calling that into question. There was a problem. New York, Credit: D. Benningfield/K. (Image credit: David W. Hogg, Michael Blanton, and the SDSS Collaboration). >^..^. NGC 1277 bývá nazývána jako "pozůstatek raného vesmíru", protože se její hvězdy tvořily během 100 miliónů let dlouhého období před více než dvanácti miliardami let, když byl vesmír starý pouze 2 miliardy let. Après cette période d'intense formation d'étoiles, à un taux environ mille fois plus élevé que celui de la Voie lactée, le processus de naissance des étoiles s'est éteint, laissant NGC 1277 avec des étoiles dont la métallicité élevée nous indique qu'elles sont plus vieilles d'environ 7 milliards d'années que le Soleil[9],[10]. Je členem Kupy galaxií v Perseovi.
Scientists found NGC 1277 because frankly, it’s a weirdo. It is not located in the Solar System. A new study published Monday in Nature reports that Hubble scientists have found a “relic galaxy” called NGC 1277 about 240 million light-years away near the Perseus cluster. The supermassive black hole has a mass equivalent to 17 billion suns and is located inside the galaxy NGC 1277 in the constellation Perseus. © The galaxy is only ten percent the size and mass of our own Milky Way. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor,

The research is detailed in tomorrow's (Nov. 29) edition of the journal Nature. It makes up about 14 percent of its host galaxy's mass, compared with the 0.1 percent a normal black hole would represent, scientists said. Visit our corporate site. NGC 1277 also has a black hole at its center that’s absurdly large for such a small galaxy. Suspecting the speed and size measurements meant massive black holes lay inside these galaxies, the team used Hubble Space Telescope archival data of NGC 1277 and discovered the large black hole. NGC 1277 je čočková galaxie v souhvězdí Persea vzdálená přibližně 186 milionů světelných let od Mléčné dráhy.Je členem Kupy galaxií v Perseovi.Její hvězdná velikost je 13,7. The supermassive black hole has a mass equivalent to 17 billion suns and is located inside the galaxy NGC 1277 in the constellation Perseus.
The object's closest competitor is in the galaxy NGC 4486B, whose black hole takes up 11 percent of that galaxy's central bulge mass. Shown here in two dimensions, the "edge" of the black hole is actually a sphere. Thank you for signing up to Space.

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