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patriotic words in a sentence

Their style was meant to symbolize tough, Melinda Liu on why Beijing needs to keep a lid on the demonstrations while also sympathizing with the, People backed the president, because they wanted to back his, We're all looking for a bit of excitement and, Take an extra buck or two out of the fund you set aside to buy seventeen Support Our Troops magnets to stick all over your car to show how, We've done it in the main in an unashamed, unabashed, More popular, however, was the Elizabethan or Scottish baronial manner, offering, It is this kind of abstraction that leads to more mythology, more heroic narratives, more undertones of, Some of the same folks who called BDS treasonous see ODS as part of a, The anti-gun contingent stands before an Everest of obstacles, a wall of, The crafty ones might make Lipton tea-bag earrings or festive, Is there a more beautiful rendition of an American, Once in the war theater, the thinking goes, even a seasoned reporter will hug his favorite lance corporal's ankle for protection and file, In their screenings of Ienaga's texts, the Textbook Authorisation Council exposed its conviction that the purpose of history education was to create, Stock options and corporate bonuses are no more fundamental to the achievement of scientific advance than were Soviet medals and, Our second and third generations ' respect for the, The approach is old-fashioned, research slapdash, scholarship negligible, the judgments inane, the characterisation childish, the tone sick-makingly, One partial solution was to rely on volunteer support from militiamen and donations from, The campaign was later strongly supported by the, Virtual fireworks teamed with appropriate music and, When World War I broke out, Elgar was horrified at the prospect of the carnage, but his, It aggressively sought women voters in the 1920s, often relying on.

Mr Obama offers a zillion handouts (tax breaks for college and for “.

His appeal to his listening public as brothers and sisters was an attempt to appear homely, What amazes me is how the current chicken hawks have conned America about how, Without tenure, job security would be a function of a professor's conformity to, Three pairs of startled eyes focused on a heavyset, aging man wearing a, The coins were Kennedy half dollars decorated with, It is not, nor ever should be, a jingoistic. Opponents of the war are considered every bit as, 25. Examples of patriotic in a sentence: 1.

Inspired by or showing patriotism; done out of love of one's country; zealously and unselfishly devoted to the service of one's country, Moreover, the partizan motive pressed to the front to reinforce the, A very complete collection of well known and less known historical and, The fate of the Oriental was forgotten in the storm of, The temptation insensibly to depart from this pure and, Electrified by the music, which spoke to their hearts, they arose in their enthusiasm and themselves sang the, The land-hungry took a particular interest in the question and joined their voices with those of men actuated by more, Silk was troublesome and unprofitable, shipbuilding, and such coarse but, On account of his old age he could take no part in the rising of his fatherland in 1821, but aided it greatly by his, In a railway compartment with me were a loud-mouthed, People are "requested" to give up their jewelry, to make a, The Berlin population had followed the various phases of the crisis with tremendous interest, but with no outward show of, If so, let him speak, and let him, if he dare, come upon this platform and face his, Roosevelt, on the other hand, is beating the, In view of this retrograde state of things, as, Prime Minister of Piedmont from 1849-52, and one of the most honourable and, He would be a leader of men if he were not anxious to write a, He responded to Pericles' call by a burst of, Patriotic in a sentence | Short example sentence for patriotic, Unwilling in a sentence | Short example sentence for unwilling, Surfeiting in a sentence | Short example sentence for surfeiting, Alphanumeric in a sentence | Short example sentence for alphanumeric, Skipping in a sentence | Short example sentence for skipping, Alongside in a sentence | Short example sentence for alongside, Strengthening in a sentence | Short example sentence for strengthening, Pointed in a sentence | Short example sentence for pointed, Allegations in a sentence | Short example sentence for allegations, Chatterer in a sentence | Short example sentence for chatterer, Nationalist in a sentence | Short example sentence for nationalist, Zulu in a sentence | Short example sentence for zulu, Freedom in a sentence | Short example sentence for freedom, Unity in a sentence | Short example sentence for unity, Liberation in a sentence | Short example sentence for liberation, Slogans in a sentence | Short example sentence for slogans, Solidarity in a sentence | Short example sentence for solidarity, Independence in a sentence | Short example sentence for independence, Movement in a sentence | Short example sentence for movement. She even took a patriotic pride in the fact. Accessed 20 Oct. 2020.


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