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patriotism in america today

They tell immigrant families being held at detention centers that they should’ve come to the US legally or just not at all. Sally, this is an amazing and truthful article. Begging the question: What does patriotism mean to YOU? There is a literal global pandemic happening right now. Oh, children are being shot in schools? We saw that people painted flags on just about everything, they planted red white and blue gardens, and an entire array of patriotic food started appearing in our magazines and on internet food sites. In response, the publisher sent me a design that included a drawing of a lapel, with a tiny flag on it. First of all, what is chanting “USA” at a. going to do? It’s not like you did anything special to be born in America, you just were by chance. . The government is not going to reward you for telling someone America is the greatest country in the world. The National Foundation of Patriotism is a place where the seeds of patriotism can begin to take root in our hearts and in our minds. I don’t understand how a person could see the death tolls go up every day and think their right to get a haircut is more important than the actual lives of people. We should be proud of the progress our country has made, all the way from the civil rights movement to gay marriage being legalized in 2015, not false patriotism built upon imperialistic ideology, corporate greed, and oppression. After I sent my manuscript to the University of Virginia Press, an editor told me that he loved it, but that the proposed title, “In Defense of Patriotism,” troubled him. Yes, of course, there are countries worse off than America, but America isn’t the end all be all when it comes to freedoms. Send a question or comment using the form below.

We should be proud of the progress our country has made, all the way from the civil rights movement to gay marriage being legalized in 2015, not false patriotism built upon imperialistic ideology, corporate greed, and oppression.
I understand your point and agree with some of what you say, but no matter how misguided it is, thousands have died for that flag and I don’t think it’s right for you to attack their patriotism when it is selfless patriotism that has resulted in your right to say this, and it’s this same selflessness thst has cost countless people their lives as they fought or you and all of our rights to live and do as we please. May 28th, 2020 1:01 pm, Quinn Volpe on freedoms aren’t infringed upon? Make it go away? Some say patriotism is dead, that we are so divided that we might as well accept that we should split into separate countries. By Ben McDaniel • 07 Jan, 2020 • Our guest this week on the Unify U.S. Podcast is Major General Perry Smith. “Just obey authority,” they say when they see children trapped in cages at the border.

If the patriotism Tolkien depicts is small, the patriotism most prevalent in America today is a poisonous variety we might call "big patriotism," or, less charitably, nationalism. I wanted the book’s cover to show the American flag, but the publisher worried that such a cover would signal chauvinism, and my liberal granddaughter at Yale said that she would not be seen carrying such a book on campus. 2020 came in with a whimper as we suffer under the careless or deliberate hand of China, yet, we see some very encouraging positive things coming out of it, as America always rises to the best and worst thrown at us. I hope everyone that reads this takes these words to heart as they are all completely accurate.

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