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poisonous snakes

Your RIGHT ON about being perfect color. I didn’t have my phone or I would have sent a photo. Chanticleer Press, Inc., New York. I went fishing in the month of may and was actually chased by a water moccasin snake. Worst pain I have ever experienced, threw up blood twice (coffee ground emesis), was hospitalized for four days and couldn’t walk without great pain for a week or more. Interestng reading but I would caution readers not to take most of the comments as factual. Never saw a timber while growing up, unless what I thought was a water snake as a kid may have been a timber, but I doubt it.

So anyone that thanks “Snakes”… Read more ». And once on the hip bone,(a scar that mimics a knife wound) Ive come up with good war stories with these scars.Lol. If you leave a snake alone, it will leave you alone. I would like to add a subspecies of the Western rattlesnake to this discussion. I have been stung several different times by a scorpion. an animal they know is not a threat, that they cannot eat, and that has full ability to kill them…. Cottonmouth’s, especially, have a bad reputation as being aggressive. no chance there was ever a cottonmouth in the rafters of someone’s garage in the northeast US, the fact that someone believes this to the point that they are certain and will defend the information is hilarious and goes to show how far humans have advanced. Mammals – raccoons, coyotes, cats, etc. There are a lot of rattlers and cottonmouths in Southern OKla. A neighbor got bit 5 times when he was shutting up his chickens in the dark. I have no idea if this is true but I thought I would share the story.

but i ran away before getting bit…. They are often found in or around water, but have also adapted to live wel…

Venomous snakes are often said to be poisonous, but poison and venom are not the same thing. If the snakes head is flat and triangular then it is poisonous…. my parents moved into a new subdivision in lubbock texas. I was hoping to find a place to go stand up paddle boarding around North Carolina this June and July. Fortunately, it’s geographic distribution is small. I came across a fairly large 5-6 ft. timber rattlesnake not long ago where we mostly see eastern diamondbacks. The 22 is to small for a big aggressive snake. Once the snake had cleared the area, it was back in the water for more summer fun. Diagnosis:  The Diamondback Water Snake is typically olive, yellow-brown, or brown and has a pattern of diamond shapes down the middle of the back. Most of you are wrong I use to milk extract the venom from water moccasins for a lab to make anti venom they will crawl toward you if teased but mostly will flash the white interior of their mouth.if startled will swim into water quickly.I was bitten by a juvenile little swelling.I do not kill snakes Even if bitten.also sellersburg Indiana pond was full of water moccasins not easily confused with water snakes stripe down cheek, elliptical pupils spade shaped head thick chocolate or blackish body color.also in sellersburg copperheads,timber rattlers.my worse bite was from a rattlesnake also bit by black widow spider very I’ll doubled over its cramps but passed fairly quickly.copperhead hurts like being hit with a hammer.most dangerous probably brown recluse spider.open ulcer that can go all the way to the Bone.venom was developed by snakes to help digest prey, keep a rat from killing the snake an cut down energy hunting for bitten prey.I’ll take snakes over bubonic plague or rabid bats any day.rabies unlike snake bite is always fatal.sincerely we are all gods creatures. I have seen all of these snakes, but the one I fear most is not on this list.

“Red touch black, friend of Jack.” (Harmless King snake). Thats what I suspect your was, a fortunate dry bite. The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake… Give this rattlesnake a wide berth; it is the most dangerous snake in North America!

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