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r conference 2020

To see what the most recent virtual conference was like, you can keep scrolling. Host virtual keynotes with Q&A in July, largely around the time useR!

Follow ‘@useR2020stl’ on Twitter for further news. 2020 European Hub (Munich). (local copy). Vicki Boykis is a machine learning engineer at Automattic, the company behind Wordpress.com.

useR! useR! Our goal is to make rstudio::global(2021) our most inclusive and global event, making the most of the freedom from geographical and economic constraints that comes with an online event.


(local copy).

Conference-related activities are co-ordinated by the “R Foundation Conference Committee” (RFCC) currently consisting of Julie Josse (Ecole Polytechnique), Heather Turner and Achim Zeileis (Universität Innsbruck) plus ex officio secretary and treasurer of the R Foundation.

2020 series of events this July to replace the cancelled useR! 2019, Toulouse, France. The session lasted almost 2 scheduled hours. John Burn-Murdoch is the Financial Times' senior data visualisation journalist, and creator of the FT's coronavirus trajectory tracker charts.

She works mostly in Python, R, Spark, and SQL, and really enjoys building end-to-end data products. When I submitted the proposal I hoped the session will be a mix of an invited talk, climate-related contributions submitted to the useR! useR!

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Groups thinking about hosting a useR!


and an open discussion between R users and researchers. News: call for proposals to host useR! useR!

2010, Gaithersburg, MD, USA. useR! useR!

The R Foundation actively supports two conference series, organized regularly by members from the R community: A rough outline of the format for the respective conferences is given below; both conference formats were developed by the Austrian Association for Statistical Computing (AASC) in cooperation with the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Vicky will discuss how that as people who can write code and analyze data, we have a lot of input and power over what our digital and work worlds looks like, and therefore can act as agents of change and repair.
2020 would have been held Hold tutorials in partnership with R-Ladies Global, MiR, and the AfricaR user group Curate a video collection from accepted presenters on YouTube Some things that are part of the typical useR! 2020 breakout session. Over the last two decades R has become the lingua franca for statisticians, methodologists and data scientists worldwide. 2021 is now closed. Around 130 people joined the session. conferences. The R Foundation has a policy requiring a code of conduct at R conferences. These meetings may have official languages other than English. If you missed it, the talks are … DSC 2003, Vienna, Austria (local copy, proceedings). He has been leading the FT's data-driven coverage of the pandemic, exploring its impacts on health, the economy and wider society. conference are welcome to contact the RFCC by email at. DSC 2001, Vienna, Austria (local copy, proceedings). 2016, Stanford, CA, USA. When pandemics are not happening, he also uses data and graphics to tell stories on topics including politics, economics, climate change and sport, and is a visiting lecturer at the London School of Economics. John will discuss the lessons he's learned reporting on and visualising the pandemic, including the world of difference between making charts for a technical audience and making charts for a mass audience. Virtual Conference 13 - 15th October, 2020. 2012, Nashville, TN, USA (local copy). Hadley will talk about how the tidyverse has evolved since its creation (just five years ago!). (local copy). The annual conference on the Use of R in Official Statistics will be organized as a virtual event, 2-4 December 2020.

Hadley is Chief Scientist at RStudio, a member of the R Foundation, and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University and the University of Auckland. 2004, Vienna, Austria (local copy). Details about the format and the programme will be announced soon. The user-contributed presentations are submitted as abstracts prior to the conference and may be related to (virtually) any R-related topic. On Tuesday, July 7th I organized a breakout session Tackling Climate Change at a virtual useR!2020 Munich. You'll learn from his experience navigating the highly personal and political context within which people consume and evaluate graphics and data, and how that can help us better design and communicate with visualisations down the pipeline for the future.

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R&D Management Conference 2020 Innovation in an Era of Disruption The honour of hosting the 40th Anniversary R&D Management Conference was awarded to Strathclyde University in recognition of our research excellence and internationally-leading reputation for innovation and business engagement. For queries about this web site, please contact, Austrian Association for Statistical Computing (AASC).

Today, we are thrilled to announce that rstudio::global(2021), our first ever virtual event focused on all things R and RStudio, now has a date locked in: January 21, 2021! If you would like to receive notifications about the details, please subscribe below! and an open discussion between R users and researchers.

DSC is a conference for the developers of statistical software and researchers in statistical computing which is somewhat focused on but not exclusively devoted to R. It aims at providing a platform for exchanging ideas about developments in statistical computing (rather than `only’ the usage of statistical software for applications). DSC, a platform for developers of statistical software.

Originating in New York City with expansions in Washington, DC, and Dublin, Ireland, The R Conference hosts one of the most elite gatherings of data scientists and data professionals who come together to explore, share, and inspire ideas, and to promote the growth of open source ideals. useR!

The RFCC welcomes expressions of interest from potential local organisers. (local copy). By Olga Mierzwa-Sulima The presentations are typically organized in sessions of regular talks, lightning talks, and poster presentations. Where R Enthusiasts And Data Scientists Gather.


If you have already purchased a ticket to rstudio::conf 2021, please email conf@rstudio.com for a refund. (local copy).

Selected conferences are endorsed by the R Foundation to encourage the development of useR!-like meetings in regions currently beyond the reach of useR!. useR!

A virtual conference about all things R and RStudio. (local copy).

After a 5 year hiatus, DSC resumed in 2014 as an annual conference coinciding with the General Assembly of the R Foundation. 2018, Brisbane, Australia.

useR! We will keep you updated regarding rstudio::global! © The R Foundation.

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