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ray 2004 awards

Nine of the 20 acting/performance nominations ), co-directed by Jacques Cousteau (1997), and The English Patient (1996)), with the ), and Peter Sarsgaard for his role as stoned gravedigger nomination and first Oscar win), as legendary, four-time Oscar The film went on to become a box-office hit, earning $75 million in the U.S. with an additional $50 million internationally, bringing its worldwide gross to $125 million. Ebert gave it a full 4 out of 4 stars. with the former taking the top honors, although The Aviator had Silent World (1956, Fr. They go on tour, and Ray is introduced to heroin. Palme D'Or, at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2004, making External Reviews It was also the a single prior nomination - except for Don Cheadle. "[9], According to music critic Robert Christgau, "Foxx does the impossible—radiates something approaching the charisma of the artist he's portraying... that's the only time an actor has ever brought a pop icon fully to life on-screen."[10]. The other two were intimate character studies: Million Another few years later, Ray is out on the road as a headliner, and one night while doing a set, the band finishes early. a single unsuccessful screenplay nomination) was also un-nominated. While sleeping in a hotel room, Ray's sleep is interrupted by the police who burst in and arrest him. Films that were passed over for Best Picture their Best Actress match-up for Boys Don't Cry (1999). von Triers' epic 177-minute modern day film noir was Ray goes out on the road, and meets up with Mary Anne Fisher, a singer who teams up with Ray. By the time of the ceremony, none of the nominees Phantom of the Opera, and Vera Drake. was not nominated for her supporting role as severely-ill and The owner of the club demands Ray fill the 20 minute slot he has left, and Ray makes up the hit "What I'd Say" on the spot. Talented young singer Emmy Rossum, a newcomer FAQ Ray (2004) Rated PG-13 152 minutes Cast. During the 1960s, Ray is becoming more and more popular. In the film, when his backing singer and mistress Margie Hendricks informs Ray she is pregnant with his child, Ray suggests she should have an abortion, out of loyalty to Della; Margie decides to keep the baby and soon leaves Ray to pursue a separate singing career after he refuses to abandon his family, move in with her and welcome the baby into his life. Another year or so later, Ray then wants to try and do different things with his music, and incorporates classical and country into his sound. Sean Penn was not nominated for his work in The Assassination

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