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roc inflatable sup

(Takes me no more than 5 mins from start to finish to blow it up by hand.) We can fit both in the hatchback of my Jetta wagon with lots of room to spare. The ROC Inflatable SUP is designed for easy travel too. I have had myself(larger male) and both my children on it with me with no issues. ALSO! Of course, it conveniently deflates to fit inside of a duffle-sized bag. Although the process only takes about 5 minutes, it can be tedious compared to having a hardboard that you don’t have to blow up. I love how it fits easily (with the pump) in the backpack which makes it convenient for throwing in the back of the car or in a closet at home. © 2020 ROC SUP Co. You look great today! Therefore, I don’t have to go through a full inflation process each time I use it.

I've even boarded around with my mom on it with me. You don’t have to have a roof rack on your car, nor do you have to pay hefty airline fees that people typically have to pay for surfboards.

While I was out the water got choppy plus jet skis and boats passing by throwing wakes I was still comfortable enough to stay standing, while kneeling down was much better. Leash works great.

I’ve had it for a few weeks now, and used it a number of times. I opted to use the hand held pump they send with instead of purchasing an electric and haven’t had issues. Not to mention, you can remove the longer center fin if you are paddleboarding down shallow river rapids. As designed, the deck pad does not have the D-rings needed to secure the removable seat. Bonus that the design is sleek looking. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board W Free Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack, Non-Slip Deck. Of course, it conveniently deflates to fit inside of a duffle-sized bag. It comes with two ‘rubber rings’ that goes onto the air socket, make sure to try both, one is slightly wider and keeps the valve fully sealed while you’re hitting 10+psi. The cushions are nice. After 10 min walking with the board, pump, paddle and whatever else you bring it gets quite uncomfortable. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the rocks.

This is a great deal, considering you don’t have to buy a kayak, and you can turn your SUP into a multi-functional board.
adventure, happy place, workout, exploration, fun, cheat day. The ROC Inflatable SUP is designed for easy travel too. Many people ask if you can attach a kayak seat to the ROC Inflatable SUP. Built in response to our most demanding athletes, the Scout Series was created as the ultimate adventure tool. If you plan on paddleboarding frequently, an electric pump can be a worthwhile investment. It can also be too heavy to carry around.However, despite its large/heavy design it tracks fairly well. This is my first SUP board, and I’m very happy with it! No need to rent expensive equipment, etc.. Enough for you to recover it when falling. I would highly recommend this product.
Our classic Explorer Series offers the perfect board for nearly any activity–with rugged construction, easy setup, and convenient transport, this board is made for adventure. If you do the same... just stop and buy this one. It takes me like 10 min to reach 13 psi. My wife bought a different board (it was ok) however I wanted one with a higher weight capacity. If you don’t already have a detachable kayak seat, you can get one here for about $45. Overall- I am super pleased with the board, ease of use, and most of all the fun that i've experienced in the short period of time that i've had it. Very nice eye appeal and I couldn't be any more satisfied. They are firm but have some give. I will say, if you often ride in choppy or windy conditions, a touring board with a more pointed nose will be a bit easier for maneuvering, but this one can still hold its own. I think this past weekend I carried it 1/4th mile from where I parked, to the lakeside (so that should tell you). The process is simple, and you can get a 4-Pack of D-rings for about $15. The Scout’s versatility is enhanced by the addition of four D-ring attachment points around the pad which provide the option to connect our Comfort Cushion Seat (sold separately) for those who prefer the option to sit and paddle kayak style. It has a comfortable padded backrest/seat with adjustable straps with make it very easy to attach to the D rings securely. . Felt sturdy maybe not as much as the hard board we used at Virginia Beach but we also realize we only paid 350 for an entry level board which has exceeded our expectations.

I’m 5,5ft 114lbs and I don’t need the 15psi if it’s just me on it. The paddle is also very nice.

Blowing this board up is pretty simple as well. They are fairly easy to inflate it does take some arm strength but my wife and 13 year old stepdaughter can air them up in about 10 min to the 15 psi which I don't think is bad. I have used this board nearly every day since I have purchased it, and it has done great in the lake as well as the river. It wasn’t too hard you just get your arm workout in when your trying to get the last bit in.

I’d does float for a few mins. Plus, there is a year warranty included, in case anything happens to your beloved new board. I weigh 125#, and usually only blow it up to between 7-9 PSI. I spent quite a bit of time shopping around for a reasonably priced paddle board that came with all the accessories and I read a lot of great things about the quality of this board, so I went ahead and purchased it. The paddle is very nice as well. I have rented inflatable paddle boards that are double the price of this, so I was pleasantly surprised to see what great quality this board has!

I hope this helps anyone who has the same questions I had when I first started researching. So far these boards have held up great! Soon after the first round on the water, I felt that we should check pressure with the manual pump. The boards are very durable but we just lay a yoga mat over the end just as a precaution. The extras are nice too. This right here is the ROC, it is a 10’ long inflatable paddle board and that makes it perfect for both smooth sailing as well as nifty wave surfing. than the previous inflatable boards that we had, so they are more supportive of full size adults. Slingshot SUP (Inflatable) for Paddleboard Yoga. With the ROC board, you get everything that it says it comes with: the board, one ore, the manual pump, the ankle strap, an awesome backpack that holds everything, and even a wet bag to keep your things dry. Sunday we paddled a good 4 miles and into a narrow cave and it did awesome. It’s super portable and convenient to have on standby. Lastly, I got the black and white color scheme for my ROC and I absolutely love it! However, you can easily purchase 4 D-rings and attach them yourself. It’s all black so I’d add a bright color tape for some visibility. My ROC board has been fantastic. See why so many people LOVE their ROC paddle boards. I was shocked how nicely everything fit in the bag and how light it all was, I mean I wouldn't want to carry it for miles and miles, but it's doable.

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