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space jam characters

On November 15, 2016, Warner Bros. released another Space Jam Blu-ray to commemorate the film's 20th anniversary. He can never seem to catch Bugs Bunny because Bugs always outsmarts him. Foghorn Leghorn is a large, talking, annoying Rooster who is always into mischievous. and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League – Attack of the Legion of Doom, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League – Cosmic Clash, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League – Gotham City Breakout, Scooby-Doo! Artist Bob Camp was tasked with designing Berserk-O! The film made its cable television premiere on TNT on March 14, 1999, while it made its network television premiere on ABC's The Wonderful World of Disney on November 14, 1999. Scooby-Doo! The film was produced by Ivan Reitman, and directed by Joe Pytka, with Tony Cervone and Bruce W. Smith directing the animation. Is it a crowd-pleaser? It combined live actors with the animated Looney Tunes, and played up the interaction between the two. Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. The film was produced by Ivan Reitman, and directed by Joe Pytka, with Tony Cervone and Bruce W. Smith directing the animation. ", Hippety is a baby kangaroo that keeps getting mistaken as a mouse by Sylvester Pussycat and his son. Two years later in 1995, Jordan returns to the Chicago Bulls to resume his basketball career. Daffy's Female counter-part goes by the name of "Mellisa Duck". [15] The animation was done at a very Michael doesn't soar enough. Make an impact with this throwback tee that celebrates Space Jam; one of the most beloved live-action/animated sports comedy films of all time starring Michael Jordan. He is also the game's most decorated player. Feature Animation, assistant animation supervisor: Character Builders, key assistant animator: Uli Meyer Features, key assistant animator (as Cynthia Crowell), animation checker (as Lillian 'Joni' Fitts), assistant animation supervisor: Heart of Texas Productions, overseas model supervisor: Warner Bros. Penelope Pussycat is an anthropomorphic cat in the Looney Tunes continuity, best known for being the "love-interest" of Pepe Le Pew. Meanwhile, in outer space, the amusement park Moron Mountain faces decline. The special issue was written by David Cody Weiss and drawn by Leonardo Batic. He rivals Tasmanian Devil for being the Most popular character related to the Director Robert McKimson. Feature Animation, assistant production manager (as Kate Skarritt), assistant production manager: layout (uncredited), first assistant director: second unit (as Bob Wilson), production designer: animation / visual development, assistant propmaster (as Phoebe O'Conner), assistant property master (as Julie Sexsmith), production sound mixer (as Gene Cantamessa), supervising sound editor (as Mark Mangini), special effects assistant (as Miae Ausbrooks) / special effects assistant (as Miae Kim Ausbrooks), visual effects production assistant: Cinesite, CG production: Cinesite (as Rick Bomberger), stadium software engineer (as Juan Buhler), computer graphics stadium production: Cinesite, "Moron Mountain" character animation: Cinesite, visual effects production: Cinesite (as Kimberly Shriver), 3D coordinator / visual effects production coordinator: Cinesite, visual effects production supervisor (as Helen Ostenberg Elswit), assistant visual effects editor (as James Flynn), visual effects executive producer: Cinesite, transatlantic visual effects coordination: Cinesite, CG stadium software team: Cinesite (as Guy Griffith), digital artist: Cinesite (as Laura Hannigan), effects assistant animator / visual effects assistant animator, visual effects artist (as Charlene Logan), CG animator: Cinesite (as Raymond C. King) / computer special effects (as Raymond C. King), CG animator: Cinesite (as Gokhan Kisacikoy), CG specialty compositor: Cinesite (as Greg Liegey), digital composite artist: Cinesite / digital paint supervisor: Cinesite, assistant visual effects editor (as Christopher Loudon), CG specialty compositor: Cinesite (as Sean O'Conner), computer animator (as Michael Orlando II) / computer graphics artist (as Michael Orlando II), computer graphics stadium software team: Cinesite, lead computer graphics camera matchmover: Cinesite, digital artist: Cinesite (as Barney Robson), visual effects production: Cinesite (as Anthony Sands).

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