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stadiums with pools

So while it was a surprise to, well, everyone, that the. Your privacy is safe with us. "We have to make sure that there is the right value proposition for our fans, when they spend their hard earned money to come an NFL game here in Jacksonville that they believe that they are getting a great value in return," Lamping said. Despite the pool’s popularity, however, Chase Stadium was the only MLB ballpark where it made sense to wear a swimsuit until 2012 when, When Marlins Park was being designed, the architects said they wanted to break the retro ballpark mold that was so popular and, instead, build a stadium that embodied Miami. To meet that challenge, the league has encouraged franchises to customize venues -- everything from food to Wi-Fi connectivity. Stretching across each end zone, the boards are as long as the field itself. From art to amusement rides to swimming pools, there's plenty to do across the country besides just watch the game (which you can do with a cheerleader at a Falcons game). Don’t want to make the trek home after the game? to hang out on the two-story “Riverboat Deck” located about the batter’s eye. Stream CBSN live or on demand for FREE on your TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone. But now, many of the league's 32 teams are facing a new challenge: getting fans off the couch and back in the stands, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann. How can we create an ambiance that will bring people back to the stadium?".

That iconic soda bottle that dominates the AT&T Park landscape in San Francisco? The infield included a swimming and diving pool. Jones commissioned 16 specific pieces and purchased an additional 42 that dot the concourses. Who wants to go to the pool when they could go to the beach? They've even integrated social media connectivity so fans can see their posts up on the boards. OK, it's not just a pile of rocks -- the feature, called “California Spectacular,” has a replica stream running down a mountain and real trees. "We have to work really hard to make sure that it's a distinctly different and a better experience than staying at home and watching the game on TV," said Jaguars president Mark Lamping. Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains, so the 322-foot wide stretch of fountains and the 10-foot high waterfall make perfect sense. Near midfield, fans can reserve a table for four and order dinner. The name alone (it comes from the Great American Insurance Group who purchased the park’s naming rights) is pretty amazing. During a 1997 renovation, the team removed a section of seats behind the outfield to open the view and added what looks like a pile of rocks. The collection ranges from canvases to sculptures to a color-coded walkway leading into the stadium. The pool deck has, of course, a bar area and plenty of televisions. Again, no swimming pool access when you have Kansas City Royals tickets, but the cascading waterfalls in the outfield is a pretty impressive feature. The Fly Ball Ferris Wheel, which features metal cars in the shape and design of baseballs, gives riders a unique view of the city and the ball field. "How can we make this experience memorable and unforgettable? The view of the field might not be the best in the park, but the view of the Rocky Mountains will (hopefully) make up for it. Fun fact: it’s the largest privately funded fountain in the world. It’s one ballpark every baseball fan needs to visit, all you need is Boston Red Sox tickets, natch. The NFL is a robust $10 billion dollar a year business. But not every team can build a brand new stadium. And though there’s no pool to chill in, fans can get. And fans who are determined to get wet can always kayak in McCovey Cove during a game in the hopes of seeing a “Splash Hit.”.

Geysers erupt from the rocks and fireworks shoot out of the display before the start of every game and after every Angels home run and victory. The name alone (it comes from the Great American Insurance Group who purchased the park’s naming rights) is pretty amazing. What's increased is the price of the overall experience. Thirty-one years after ‘The Big A' opened and Disney became the dominant owner, Angels fans were treated to a little Disney magic. It’s the second smallest park by total capacity, but that intimate feeling is why fans love it. It’s the second smallest park by total capacity, but that intimate feeling is why fans love it. So, you know, have a Coke and a smile. © 2014 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones personally selected the stunning contemporary art that makes the interior of AT&T Stadium a visual buffet. The franchise invested more than $63 million in their stadium. When you get, There’s no swimming pool at AT&T Park, home of the, , (wetsuits would be required if there were), but sweeping views of the bay ensure that visitors don’t suffer, Swimming pools in ballparks weren’t exactly a thing when Wrigley Field opened in 1914. When the Final Four tips off at Houston's NRG Stadium, fans will be able to sip designer coffee, chow down on local barbeque, log onto their devices, catch a glimpse of the old Houston Astrodome or check out the speedway. The team partners with its neighbors to see all of the action unfold while sitting on a rooftop across the street from the stadium (some of which feature bleachers, open bars, and food).

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