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toby greene siblings

Emily and Paige after Toby slashed Paige's tires. Recently, he teamed up with him to find out about. In the end he convinces Lorenzo to go with him to the meeting spot that Charles planned to see Jason. He then asks her where she was and she tells him she was at a friend's house. He calls her over and she sits on his lap while he puts his arm around her, enjoying that they have each other. At the Hastings’ French doors, Toby asks Spencer if he can come in, and before she can answer, he walks inside and throws his police badge onto the kitchen counter. Absolutely. Knocking on one of the Hastings’ great room doors, Spencer lets Toby in, and Toby tells her that he got her message, before asking if Spencer is okay, “what happened to your eye?” Spencer tells him that something to stuck in it and she’s trying to get it out, and when Toby asks her what he can smell, Spencer tells him manure. He says that he thought they trusted each other. Noticing Spencer starting to tear up, Toby asks if she’s okay, and when Spencer asks compared to what, Toby questions if it has anything to do with what Melissa sent her. Listening as Spencer says that this is not about Tanner, Toby tells her that it is, “don’t give her ammunition.

We knew no one and my mother didn’t work. Toby tells her to meet him at the Rosewood Church at midnight, before he leaves for good. As the Police Chief is finishing up the press conference, a large boom is heard and windows of Emily's lounge room explode.

Spencer tell him about Charles and their plan to expose Charles. Tanner explains that they found the statement just before Thanksgiving, and that Wilden had suppressed it.

I don’t know how aware my parents were of Lou’s drug use. So Rosewood is now safe from an abandoned bicycle and an off leash labradoodle”. His charisma, his charm, his wit, his intellect were undeniable and seductive to everyone who knew him well.

Taking the letter off Toby, Spencer says that she doesn’t want to say the H word, but she is feeling cautiously optimistic tonight. Toby then asks where this statement has been for two years, and Tanner tells him that it’s been deliberately hidden in the files of the officer who took the statement, Darren Wilden. Later, he talks with Emily on her porch about his and Spencer's break up and his listens to her story about dropping out of college.
Their cleverness was something we all enjoyed together.

After Spencer becomes a person of interest in Alison’s murder, she continues an unlikely relationship with Toby, who is all too familiar with the feeling of being wrongly accused and suspected by the police. Spencer's dad hires Toby to build the nursery for Melissa's baby.

Toby is standing with Tanner and Peter Hastings in the Hastings’ great room when Spencer walks in the door.

He would get a job out of town if he had transportation, but he can't afford it. Toby walks into The Brew’s relaunch party, and when Spencer notices him, he cocks his head towards outside. Toby comes back to Rosewood and sees Spencer in town. As Tanner is walking away, Toby asks Tanner where her partner is, and turning back, Tanner questions if he’s talking about Detective Holbrook, before saying that he’s out on temporary assignment. It is unclear whether she overheard their date plans. He and I remained brother and sister right to the end. Peter questions why they can’t take the information they have to the police, to which Toby mentions that everything they give Tanner she twists to fit her own theory. Toby tells Caleb that Hanna says that he’s having trouble sleeping, “what’s the deal with that?”, and after looking away, Caleb questions what this is. Did Lou use the treatments as a source of artistic fuel, a means to create an illusion of an abused individual?

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