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uy scuti size compared to sun

As many as 5 billion

It is one of the largest known stars by radius at 1,708 ± 192 solar radii, corresponding to the diameter of 2,375,828,000 kilometers.

Image by Philip Park via Jillian Scudder UY Scuti is just plain big, with a radius 1,700 times that of our sun. UY Scuti is a red supergiant located in the constellation Scutum. UY Scuti compared to planets and other large stars, image: Wikimedia UY Scuti's Size If you're struggling to put UY Scuti's size into context, try this. With a radius 1,708 times that of the Sun, it is one of the largest stars known. UY Scuti is a red supergiant star in the Scutum constellation. If the Earth was 20cm, the Sun would be 22 meters across and UY Scuti would be 40 km.

Here it is, next to Jupiter: Images copyright © 2018 Martin Silvertant. UY Scuti size comparison to the sun. The Sun has a diameter of 1.39 million km.

These revolve around one star – our Sun.The Earth has a circumference of just over The size of UY Scuti can be realized from the fact that even if we build a hypothetical object that travels at speed of light, it will take 7 hours to travel around it, whereas for Sun it will just take 14.5 seconds. All rights reserved. To give you another idea of how big it is, it would take a To start with let’s just make a point of comparison in noting how big the Earth and the Sun are.Earth sits in the universe as part of our Solar System of eight planets. UY Scuti is the largest known star, with a diameter 1,708 times greater than the Sun.

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