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He then offers a now-famous speech about finding peace between the rival nations. He goads the Stallion into a rematch, which Rocky reluctantly accepts after learning that weddings are expensive and doing commercials isn't half as fulfilling as winning matches. With money in his pocket, a growing family, and a successful career at his back, Rocky is about to retire when a young, "hungry" fighter named James "Clubber" Lang (expertly played by Mr. T) accuses him of taking easy title fights. Cut to 2015, when Adonis is ready to follow in his dad's footsteps and become a boxer. Typically short for Rocco or Robert. He's a fighter, sure. Five years after taking the heavyweight championship from Apollo, Rocky's life is pretty different. After witnessing the loss to Clubber, Creed takes Rocky to L.A. and, along with trainer Tony "Duke" Evers, teaches him to fight using a more Muhammad Ali-style of boxing. But despite Paulie's alcoholism and bad attitude, he's Rocky's BFF, and when it comes time for the fight against Apollo, Paulie is sitting ringside, cheering Rocky on. Furious and distracted by his trainer's condition, Rocky loses the championship fight in the second round. In the pantheon of inspirational sports movies, it's no secret that the Rocky franchise stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. The film ends with Rocky and Apollo solidifying their friendship with a friendly sparring match. After beating Tommy Gunn, Rocky disappears from the boxing world for quite a while. It's up to Adrian and Paulie to ground Rocky and show him what's important. More than anything, Adonis comes to terms with himself and his father's legacy, and he gives a sense of purpose and meaning to Rocky's life. You'd think the death of a main character would be big enough for a single film, but Rocky III also marks the turn of Apollo Creed from an antagonist to best friend. It turns out those years haven't been kind to Drago, who was ostracized from Russia after losing so horribly. However, when no one will train him, he goes to Philadelphia to seek out Rocky. The grieving former champion spends his time regaling patrons with stories of his glory days and losing focus on his relationship with his son. Making things even more complicated, Rocky and Adrian return from Russia only to find out that their finances have been mismanaged, and the family no longer has the glitz and glamour they once enjoyed. There's no rule saying nicknames have to be short forms of the name :) Yeah, Adrian, Robert, and Paulie are still around, and Mickey is still working as Rocky's trainer. Over time, Duke solidifies himself as one of Rocky's best trainers, constantly encouraging him to feel "no pain" against the Russian and to "chop him down.". This obviously doesn't sit well with Apollo Creed, whose two biggest trademarks are patriotism and egomania. However, he lies to Mickey about the outcome, and the boxing trainer dies peacefully backstage. However, the biggest change in his life is the death of his beloved wife, Adrian, four years prior due to cancer. His sacrifice inspires Rocky to head to Vancouver to reconcile with his estranged son, while Creed welcomes his first child with Bianca. Mary Anne, Apollo's wife, agrees to take in the troubled youth and raise him. Eventually, the Italian Stallion knocks Drago out in the 15th round, right in front of the Soviet premier. Although Adrian and Robert have been in the franchise for a while, it isn't until Rocky V that their full impact on his life is really shown. Rocky stands in the center of the ring and looks around to see that the place is well decorated and ready for the fight. So the Italian Stallone decides to battle his cancer as young Creed faces the champion in Liverpool. Fortunately, all that changes after ESPN broadcasts a computer-simulated fight between an in-his-prime Rocky and the new heavyweight champion, Mason "The Line" Dixon. (Yeah, that brain damage from Rocky V just kind of disappears.). In every film, he proves his grit, determination, and rock-solid jaw. ROCKY Short Ratio is currently at 0.56 X. And since it's been over 40 years since the boxer first stepped into the ring against Apollo Creed, it's worth taking a look at Rocky's story from beginning to end. Creed's opponent backs out of a planned fight, so the showboating boxer offers Rocky a whopping $150,000 to take him on. Before their big fight, Lang confronts Rocky backstage and shoves Mickey, causing the old man to have a heart attack. Meanwhile, Rocky is able to confront Drago decades after defeating him in Moscow. Creed initially takes the audience back to 1998, where Adonis "Donnie" Johnson learns that he's the product of an extramarital affair between his mom and Apollo Creed. Other suggested similar-sounding names are Bucky , Dicky , Jacky , Lucky , Micky , Nicky , Richy , Rick , Robby , Roch , Roche , Rocio , Rockley , Rockly (see Rockley ), Roddy , Rojay , Roley , Rolly , Ronny , Rorey , Rorke , Rorry , Rory , Rowdy , Rowly and Roy . Mickey reveals that Lang is right about his fights being handpicked, prompting the champion to accept Lang's challenge. Creed is grossly outmatched, but he simply refuses to go down. All rights reserved. So Rocky reopens Mickey's gym and lives vicariously through a young up-and-comer named Tommy Gunn. However, he makes ends meet as a collector for a local loan shark. In 2018, three years after Adonis' loss from the first film, he's become a champion, with Rocky and Bianca at his side (special shout-out to "Little Duke," as well). But just when Adonis' career is taking off, Ivan Drago returns with his kid, Viktor, to challenge him. While Creed and Rocky train for the match, Balboa reveals he's been diagnosed with the one opponent he can't beat through grit or punches: non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. This allows him to propose to Adrian, who reveals she's pregnant shortly after their wedding. But when the U.S. Rocky begins an unorthodox training regimen that sees him running up the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, punching the heck out of meat, and guzzling raw eggs. After bringing the son of his greatest opponent into the world of boxing, Rocky's other great opponent returns with a scary challenger. How does Rocky sound to you? Plus, Rocky learns that he's got a major brain injury, forcing him to lay down the gloves. In what could very well be the last chapter of the Rocky story, the boxer has won all his battles, trained someone to carry on his legacy, and even has a grandson to look after. He's pulled out of obscurity by heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, who may loom as large over the franchise as Balboa himself. He receives blow-after-blow from the stronger fighter, but gets more licks in than anyone would've thought thanks to some inspirational ringside words from Rocky. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Most of Rocky's battles until this point have been physical and in the ring. It's one of the more devastating moments in the franchise as Rocky feels immense guilt for not throwing in the towel, despite Creed's last words being a warning not to do so. • Rock (name), which includes a short list of people nicknamed "Rock" At first, Rocky refuses to seek treatment, but Adonis encourages him, saying he won't fight unless Rocky fights. His wife reminds him that any boxer could've stood against Ivan Drago, but it was Rocky's unique spirit that allowed him to win. Creed and Balboa are rushed to the hospital where the champion is surprised to hear that people believe he carried Rocky. Ironically, Drago ends up throwing in the towel on his son's fight after learning that he's been trying to win over fair-weather friends for decades. And after the birth of his child, Robert, Rocky goes after Creed with renewed vigor. Bicentennial comes about, Rocky is thrust into the spotlight, meeting the characters that will shape his life for years to come. After a stunning betrayal by Gunn, Rocky focuses on fatherhood and wins back the affection of his son. Just like that, Rocky is a dad, and Paulie is a weird uncle. I also knew a rocky who's name was Lachlan (Locky, rocky). But after ten successful title defenses, Rocky is rolling in the dough. The entire 'Rocky' story finally explained, © 2020 Looper.com. However, as Mickey feared, fame has made Balboa lose his edge. Rocky is pronounced similarly to Ricco, Rickey , Ricki, Rickie , Ricky , Rico, Riki, Rikke, Rikki, Rikky and Rocko. Mickey, who took a back seat after Rocky retired, understands the health concerns the fighter faces and initially declines to help him train. Despite offers for more professional fights, he becomes obsessed over hate mail about his match with Rocky. Rocky also befriends Mickey Goldmill, a tough-as-nails boxing trainer who whips the Italian Stallion into shape with some tough love and even tougher training. And with that, Rocky has perhaps his greatest victory under his belt, but at the cost of his best friend. Being a dad is especially hard now that Robert Balboa is a teenager. Much like Rocky was picked from obscurity by Apollo, Adonis is picked by the current champion, "Pretty" Ricky Conlan, as his last fight before a prison sentence. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. In the movie series, "Rocky", the main character's name is Robert "Rocky" Balboa Sr. In 1985, a Russian boxer named Ivan Drago is given unlimited resources by the Soviet Union to prove that his athleticism is unparalleled by any American. To help keep track of Balboa's sprawling and epic journey, here's a rundown of his entire story. Adonis, with his new love Bianca, trains hard for the fight, and the bout ends up mirroring his dad's first match with Balboa. As Rocky leaves the arena, Dixon is declared the winner, but Rocky takes the real victory, having renewed his confidence in himself and having proved to the world that he's still got it. In its simple terms this ratio shows how many days it will take all current short sellers … After all, Rocky is the perpetual underdog who overcomes any obstacle in his path, whether he's jogging up a lot of stairs, battling cancer, or knocking out some pretty heinous opponents. Thanks to his rise to fame, Rocky finally gets a little money to his name. Adrian watches as her husband wins over the hostile Soviet crowd. However, the real heroes of this movie are the people in Rocky's orbit. The movie, and it's five sequels, follow the life of (fictional) Philidelphia boxer Rocky Balboa. Things culminate in a brutal street fight with Tommy after he punches Paulie in the face. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development.

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