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whats on the ballot march 2020

Call 888-OUR-VOTE. With less than two weeks to go, local officials and candidates are making sure voters are aware of the local issues on the ballot this month. Chippewa Hills School District sinking fund: Chippewa schools are asking voters to approve a tax of 1.5 mills over 10 years to create a sinking fund to be used on construction or repairing school buildings, security improvements, technology and real estate to build school buildings. Don’t be one of them. 8/7/2012 Special Election A qualified write-in candidate is a person who has submitted the required documentation to run for office, but whose name does not appear on the ballot. 1.1. Litchfield schools sinking fund proposal: If passed, a four-year millage would create a sinking fund for the construction or repair of school buildings, security improvements, technology purchases and real estate of school buildings. This article originally appeared on Cincinnati Enquirer: Here's who and what's on the March 2020 Ohio ballot so far Continue Reading Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. 11/4/2014 General Election In California, 13 statewide ballot propositions are on the ballot for elections in 2020. the information. REMEMBER: Start with the Locals. STATE SENATE Little Miami School District: 9.92 mill continual tax levy substitute for necessary school district requirements. Select an Election Date
5/7/2013 Special Election

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Robinson Township road millage renewal: If approved, an existing millage used for repairs, maintenance and construction of roads, bridges and drainage would be renewed through 2027. Click here for view more about it. TTY: (415) 554-4386, 中文: (415) 554-4367 Copyright 2020 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Department of Elections Part of the transaction would include .38 acres of new land to be added to the park. City Hall, Room 48 To vote for a qualified write-in candidate who is not listed on the ballot, write the candidate's name in the space at the end of the candidate list and fill in the oval. United States Representative in Congress, Districts 12 and 14, State Assembly Member, Districts 17 and 19, BART Board of Directors, Districts 7 and 9, Board of Supervisors (odd-numbered districts). this page, you must select the desired election from the drop down menu. There is no alerts. No matter what you care about, it’s on the ballot in 2020. Kings Local School District: $89,975,000 bond issue to be repaid with a 4.7 mill 37-year tax levy for site acquisition, construction, and renovations to school facilities. Allegan proposal to sell land for hotel: Allegan is asking to sell .33 acres of Mahan Park for a hotel development. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Hillsdale County career and technical education proposal: A proposed millage would support the expansion of a career and technological education program. What’s on My 2020 Ballot? Supporters of the millage say the library could close if it doesn’t receive the taxpayer funds. Find your county below to prepare yourself for when you walk into your voting precinct. How can I opt out and receive by email instead? 11/3/2015 General Election Portland Public Schools millage renewal: If passed, an existing millage that provides funds for the district’s operation would be renewed for another four years. Midpointe Library System: .75 mill five-year tax levy renewal for current operating expenses. Grattan Township road millage proposal: The township is asking voters to approve a tax of 1 mil for four years to repair, maintain and improve gravel roads. Address.

RESERVED Van Buren Intermediate School District special education proposal: If approved, the existing millage would be increased by .9 mill for five years to fund services for the education of students with a disability. find your specific ballot by. Clinton-Warren Joint Fire and Rescue District: 6.5 mill five-year replacement and increase tax levy for fire protection and emergency medical services.

11/8/2011 General Election

Share: facebook (external link) twitter (external link) linkedin (external link) Print This Page "What's on the Ballot" in 2020 Learn the races and what's at stake this year! Welcome to the ballot display page. To view your sample ballot, use the Voter Portal. Health services millage: It would increase funding for health care and mental health care for low-income residents who are not eligible for Medicaid and are without insurance. Michigan State University Federal Credit Union office building: The City of East Lansing is asking voters to approve the sale of a property worth $810,000 to the credit union to construct a five- to eight-story building. This pamphlet includes a sample ballot, information about voting in San Francisco, and information about local candidates and ballot measures. Harveysburg Village: Additional 2.5 mill five-year tax levy for street maintenance. Increase Your Security While Browsing The Internet With Brave Browser, 2020 Alabama Primary Election Sample Ballots By County. Save Time, Vote Early on Oct. 15-Oct. 31, 2020. STATE LEGISLATURE: NC SENATE AND NC HOUSE. Ingham County parks and trails renewal: A six-year renewal of an existing millage that creates a countywide system of recreational trails and adjacent parks. The Alabama Secretary of State has released sample primary ballots for the upcoming March 3, 2020 Alabama Republican and Democratic primaries. Ingham Intermediate School District Special Education millage: The district is asking to increase the tax funds available for students who need special education. Edgewood City School District: 5.63 mill five-year tax levy substitute for necessary requirements. 11/3/2020 General Election See also: United States Senate election in Arkansas, 2020 (March 3 Democratic primary) and United States Senate election in Arkansas, 2020 (March 3 Republican primary) Sen. Tom Cotton was the only candidate to file in the Republican primary and advanced to the general election by default. Monterey Township road millage proposal: If approved, the township will work on road improvements using funds from a four-year millage. The Alabama Secretary of State has released sample primary ballots for the upcoming March 3, 2020 Alabama Republican and Democratic primaries. Mason City School District: Additional aggregate 4.71 to 9.96 mill continual tax levy for current operating expenses. English 中文 Español Filipino On this page you will find information about local and state voter information guides, and contests that will appear on the ballot for the next three upcoming elections.

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