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The defunct Alliance of American Football introduced the sky judge, an additional official in the press booth for the sole purpose of reviewing on-field decisions. Players could change the nickname any time they wanted, and a few players chose to change the nicknames on a weekly basis depending on their opponent. The XFL allowed its players to wear a nickname on the back of their jersey, as opposed to the legal last name most professional sports leagues have required since the 1960s. alters script and looks to football", "Oliver Luck and XFL 2.0: What's different this time", "AAF's officials pleased with opening weekend TV ratings but remain cautious", "XFL, fast-paced and fan-friendly, returning in 2020; Orlando interested in getting team", "XFL Names Spalding First Official Licensee", "How the XFL solved the slippery ball problem with sandpaper", "League starts in Orlando with pageantry, pain", "XFL Shocking? [54][55], XFL team names and logos sometimes appear in movies and television where professional football needs to be dramatized, as licensing for NFL logos may be cost prohibitive (such as in the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring sci-fi film The 6th Day).[53]. The fact that the league was co-owned by NBC made ESPN (which was part of the same corporation as ABC) and Fox Sports Net (owned by Fox TV) disinclined to report on the XFL, though Time Warner properties such as Sports Illustrated, as well as the Associated Press, devoted coverage to the league (Sports Illustrated even featured the XFL on the cover of its February 12, 2001, edition, albeit with the description of it being "sleazy gimmicks and low-rent football"). [18] Even longtime NBC sportscaster Bob Costas joined in the mocking of the league. The XFL is a professional American football league. Ebersol was disappointed with the opening game's poor quality of play. Unlike the NFL and NCAA, the XFL's kickoff spot was set at the 30-yard line. "[52] While the pilot was hospitalized, no other major injuries were reported. After the XFL's failure, the sky cam was adopted by the NFL's broadcasters; the device has subsequently come into use on all major networks. The double overtime periods combined with a power outage earlier in the game due to someone not fueling a generator before the game delayed the contest, causing the start of Saturday Night Live to be pushed back from 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time to 12:15 a.m. Sunday morning. The first night of play brought higher television viewership than NBC had projected, but ratings exponentially plummeted for subsequent games, with criticism directed toward its overall quality of play, on-air presentation, and connection to the WWE. Los Angeles used the first pick in the XFL draft to select a former NFL quarterback, Scott Milanovich. The network offered XFL Gameday, a pregame show featuring radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony for the first four weeks of the season, but the show was not carried nationwide and most affiliates joined in just before the game. To avoid teams having to play each other three times in a season, the league set up the semifinal round of the playoffs so that the games would feature teams from opposite divisions: the east division champion (Orlando) hosted the west division runner-up (San Francisco), and likewise for the west champion and east runner-up (Los Angeles and Chicago, respectively). The XFL's racier-than-average cheerleaders helped inspire the Lingerie Football League (now Legends Football League) and the "Lingerie Bowl" from 2003 to 2006. The design was created and is manufactured by Team Issue of Dallas, Texas, in what became their first professional football contract. Another of the better-known players was Las Vegas running back Rod Smart, who first gained popularity because the name on the back of his jersey read "He Hate Me. The reason was the reaction of Lorne Michaels, creator and executive producer of Saturday Night Live, to the length of the Los Angeles Xtreme versus Chicago Enforcers game that went into double overtime. [60] In July 2015, the XFL's first trademark extension was granted. No more than the Redskins", "Jeff Brohm's XFL mic drop moment follows him to Purdue", "MLB's nickname gimmick won't solve baseball's mounting age issues", "NBC's 'skycam' will provide Madden-like view of tonight's Titans-Steelers game", "Lights temporarily go out at Navy stadium, delaying play between Capitals, Maple Leafs", "Vince McMahon Is Bringing Back the XFL and Diving into the Culture Wars", "Good, Honest Football: Re-Watching the XFL", "No More Springtimes for the XFL as League Folds", "Breaking News – TV Guide Network's "25 Biggest TV Blunders" Special Delivers 3.3 Million Viewers", "XFL'S UNPLANNED TOUCHDOWN / Wayward blimp's wild, woolly flight ends in Oakland crash", "Crash mouth football: XFL promo blimp in Bay Area deflates", "XFL cheerleaders & how they contributed to its demise", "30 for 30 shrugs at the train wreck that was the XFL", "Various News: XFL Back in the News, Chris Jericho, and More", "XFL – Reviews & Brand Information – World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Stamford, Connecticut – Serial Number: 85720169", "Will the XFL actually be making a return? Furthermore, every XFL field was designed identically, with no individual team branding on the field. The first game was between the New York/New Jersey Hitmen and the Las Vegas Outlaws at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. The XFL also had a fairly extensive local radio presence, often using nationally recognized disc jockeys. It would attempt to neutralize punt coverage are made with the intention of encouraging more fourth-down conversions; Luck conceded halfway through the inaugural season that the effort was largely unsuccessful, as coaches continued to punt as usual. [58] Tommy Maddox played for a Super Bowl team (with the Pittsburgh Steelers) in Super Bowl XL in Detroit, (although Maddox, by then a third-string quarterback, did not play in the game, which turned out to be his last appearance in uniform before retiring). The remaining four teams were placed in markets that had previously hosted teams in second-tier and/or rival major leagues: Birmingham, Memphis, Las Vegas, and Orlando. As WWF was, at the time, in the midst of its Attitude Era, the XFL's presentation likewise would reflect that approach toward football. By utilizing the ball judge, who wears a red hat to differentiate themselves from the other officials, the league aims to have a ball-spotting time of between five and seven seconds. It debuted at Doc NYC November 11, 2016, and premiered on ESPN on February 2, 2017.[56]. This resulted, most commonly, in each team only carrying two quarterbacks and one kicker who doubled as the punter. Such a shootout had never been attempted in organized football at the time the rule was proposed; in April 2019, the NCAA adopted a similar concept for games that reach a fifth overtime starting with the 2019 FBS season. During this time, the clock only stopped during a change of possession. [citation needed], The XFL ranked No.

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